Hard Hat Zone

Burial of Westar Power Lines

rendering of Andover Road without power lines
What is GOING ON on Andover Road? If you missed the news (but surely haven't missed the cones), the City is partnering with Westar to bury the power lines on Andover Road from 13th Street to US 54.

In an effort to finish the construction as soon as possible, additional crews have started working from Kellogg going North. Due to the number of near misses/people not anticipating lane closures, traffic has been reduced to two lanes (one going each way). Lanes will reopen from Central southward as work is completed.

Poles and lines will begin to be removed soon. This work will be done at night to reduce traffic issues. This will however create some overnight noise pollution as chainsaws will be used.
Rendering of Andover Road WITHOUT power lines...soon, it will be reality!

The complete end of this project will occur this fall and the finished product will be worth it. Thank you for your patience and extra caution while driving Andover Road!

Los Cocos To Open in 2016

Los CocosWondering what the building going up on Kellogg, just east of Andover Road, is going to be? Los Cocos, a Mexican Restaurant, will open this fall. The restaurant is part of a regional chain that also has locations in Derby, Wichita and Manhattan, Kansas.

Andover Family Medicine

Andover Family Medicine
In February Andover Family Medicine broke ground at their new location on 21st Street. This location fits perfectly with the City's vision of a "Medical Village" along 21st Street, as referenced in the Comprehensive Plan.

Time to Make the Donuts!

Dunkin Donuts is coming to town at 321 S. Andover Road. Stay tuned for an opening later this year. The restaurant will include a drive thru for added convenience.