Walkable Andover

With 61 miles of sidewalks within our city's boundaries, there is no shortage of opportunities to walk Andover. Click on the map image below to see all the city's sidewalks. Remember bikes are allowed on the 10 foot wide sidewalks!

map of sidewalksSoon we will be adding a map that shows the locations of benches and trash cans throughout the sidewalk system.These amenities improve your walk by giving you a place for a rest, if needed and providing receptacles for trash. This helps us all work together to keep Andover clean and free from litter.
In the next few years, the rail-banked land of the former BNSF railway will be converted to a trail. Ultimately the goal is to develop the trail all the way to Augusta, as well as to connect to Wichita's trail system to the west. For more information about that initiative, click here.