Visitors to Central Park will soon be able to utilize a new addition to the park with the Andover Amphitheater. The design process for the municipal Amphitheater is nearing completion as the Andover Amphitheater Design Committee has been working closely with LK Architecture to finalize the plans. The design will be made public in April 2017 and the groundbreaking for the Amphitheater is set for June 17, 2017, at the 5th annual Concert in the Park. The project is estimated to take under 1 year to finish, with completion to be before the 6th annual Concert in the park in 2018. Funding for the project came from four sources; 1) Tower rental from cell phone companies 2) Fireworks tent rental fees 3) Liquor tax and 4) Hotel bed tax. Once completed, the amphitheater will provide a versatile venue and a beautiful landmark for the Andover community.

 The design includes aspects of the surrounding buildings and use of the natural features in the park. The goal was to blend the Amphitheater’s aesthetics, function, and size seamlessly into the park without altering the park’s natural beauty. The Amphitheater design will balance the use of smaller performances with the needs of larger events.

 Members on the design committee represent Andover from a variety of backgrounds, including members from City Council, City Hall, CVB, and the Andover community. The committee is working closely to shape the design and location of the Amphitheater with design consultants from LK Architecture.

 The summer Concert in the Park series stemmed from the desire of the Andover Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) to build a permanent outdoor amphitheater in Central Park. The CVB decided in late 2012 the best way to gauge interest in the project would be to host free summer concerts. With the huge resulting success, the CVB decided to move along with the project. The Amphitheater will serve the community by hosting everything from small events, such as band and theatre performances, to the Concert in the Park and Greater Andover Days. The Amphitheater will also be available to rent for private events like weddings and family reunions.