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Andover Kansas Andover, Kansas
1609 E Central Ave
P.O. Box 295
Andover, KS 67002
Ph: (316) 733-1303
Fx: (316) 733-4634
Where is Andover Kansas?
Andover Kansas is located in the Wichita metropolitan area on the west edge of Butler County. For a map click here.More...

City of Andover FAQs

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1. Questions about the new Recycling Program
2. Can I drive my ATV/Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle on City Streets?
3. Do I need a building permit?
4. How do I enroll my child in the current sports program?
5. What are City Hall hours?
6. What is the current sales tax in Andover?
7. Where do I go to get a driver's licence or Kansas State ID?
8. How do I reserve a building in one of the parks?
9. How do I find the zoning of a piece of property?
10. Where is Andover Kansas?
11. Do I need to get a permit before I dig an irrigation well on my property?