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Andover Kansas Andover, Kansas
1609 E Central Ave
P.O. Box 295
Andover, KS 67002
Ph: (316) 733-1303
Fx: (316) 733-4634
Planning & Zoning
Planning, zoning, and development administration are important functions in the development and maintenance of an urban environment.

Comprehensive Development Plan
The Comprehensive Development Plan for the Andover Area, Kansas 2003-2013 serves as a guide for decision making regarding the use of land, and the provision of urban facilities and services. The following are several of the specific uses for the Comprehensive Plan:
  • To compile information and provide plan proposals upon which city officials can base short-range decisions within the context of long-range planning
  • To carry out the goals of the community for orderly and efficient development in the Planning Area
  • To provide information and serve as a guide for private developers towards common goals for the overall development of the Planning Area
  • To serve as a planning and legal basis for the continuing administration of City Zoning Regulations and as a guide for making "reasonable" decisions on rezoning applications
  • To provide a statutory prerequisite for the preparation, adoption and administration of extraterritorial City Subdivisions Regulations and for the review and approval of plats based on growth policies and the availability of community facilities
  • To plan for an orderly and reasonable annexation policy
  • To balance community development with the economical provision of community facilities and services
  • To encourage long-range fiscal planning policies such as capital improvement programs
  • To assist in selecting and applying for state and federal grant programs which would benefit the City and the Planning Area
  • To coordinate efforts, avoid duplication and establish a working relationship for implementing plan proposals between:
    • The City and other cities: Benton, Bruno, and Pleasant townships
    • Unified School Districts: Andover #385, Rose Hill #394, and Augusta #402
    • Butler County Board of Commissioners
    • The Butler County Planning Board
    • The Central Plains Quad-County Planning Forum
    • The State of Kansas
    • The federal government

Les Mangus
Zoning Administrator 

Daynna DuFriend
Administrative Secretary 

1609 E. Central Ave.
P.O. Box 295
Andover, KS 67002

Ph: (316) 733-1303 ext. 421
Fx: (316) 733-4634

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