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Andover Kansas Andover, Kansas
1609 E Central Ave
P.O. Box 295
Andover, KS 67002
Ph: (316) 733-1303
Fx: (316) 733-4634
Application Fees
Fee Schedule for Site Plan and Zoning Cases
Site Plan Review
Estimated construction value over $10,000 - $150
Estimated construction value under $10,000 - $50

Zoning Change or Special Use Application $250

Planned Unit Development Application $500
(Plus $5 per acre over 20 acres)

Amended Planned Unit Development Application $250

Zoning Appeal Application $150

Variance Application $150

Conditional Use Application $150

Preliminary Plat Application $100
(Plus $2 for each lot over one)

Final Plat Application $100
(including Replats and Small Tracts)
(Plus $2 for each lot over one)

Lot Split Application $100

Correction of platting error $100

Vacation of a Street, Alley, Public Easement, or Public Reservation $100
(Building Setback line, access control, etc)

There is no charge for Sketch Plans