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Other Safety Measures
Other Safety Measures

Consider whether any of the following measures would help decrease or prevent some of your danger:

  • Changing locks, securing all spare keys
  • Installing outside lighting and trimming bushes and vegetation around your residence
  • Identifying locations that may be safe for you, such as police stations, local churches, or other public places
  • Getting an unlisted number, or if you have financial means, using a “dummy” answering machine connected to your published phone line.  The private or unlisted number can be reserved for close friends or family and the stalker may not realize you have another line.
  • Varying travel routes and other routines
  • Limiting time walking or jogging alone; arrange for others to be with you when arriving and leaving from work
  • Informing a trusted neighbor about the situation and, if possible, giving them a description or a photo of the stalker, asking them to call law enforcement if they see anything unusual
Try not to be alone at places the stalker typically contacts you