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Control Burn Permit Process
Controlled Burn permit Rules


1. Applicant must legally control the burn site.
2. Burning must be attended from IGNITION to TOTAL EXTINGUISHMENT by a competent person of legal age.
3. Wind speed must be greater than 5 mph, but less than 15 mph.
4. Smoke cannot create a nuisance or hazard to surrounding properties.
5. Smoke cannot create a driving hazard on any public roadway.
6. NO heavy smoke producing products, i.e. tires, plastics, roofing, or petroleum products allowed to be burned. NO toxic or hazardous materials shall be burned.
7. Extinguishing equipment must be available at the burn site.
8.Burn site is 50 feet from any structure and 50 feet (10 in county) from property lines.
9.Burning to be completed (extinguished) before sundown the day of the controlled burn. 

Controlled Burn Permit Application
Click here to download the application.