Police Department Staff

Andover Police Department is comprised of the following divisions: Andover Patrol Staff

Operations Division

The Operations Division is led by a Captain who serves as the Operations Commander. The Operations Division is made up of the Patrol Section and the Investigation Section. The overall supervision of the Patrol and Investigation Sections rests with the Operations Captain.

Patrol Section

The Patrol Section is made up of four teams of officers that work 12-hour shifts and are led by a Lieutenant who serves as the Watch Commander.  The Patrol Section is responsible for daily patrol for the City of Andover, including responding to Calls for Service, traffic enforcement, public education, accident investigation, criminal and traffic investigations.

Investigations Section

The Investigations Section is led by a Lieutenant who serves as the Investigations Commander.  The Investigation Section is responsible for the investigation of all cases assigned to their section.  The Investigation Section also includes Professional Standards and Internal Affairs. The Investigations Section is supervised by the Investigations Lieutenant.   

Special Services Division

The Special Services Division is responsible for CALEA re-accreditation, School Recourse Officers, recruitment, pre-employment and special events.  The Special Services Division is supervised by the Special Services Captain. .

Emergency Communications Division

The Emergency Communications Division is made up of the Communication Section and the Records/Evidence Section.  The overall supervision of the Communications and Records/Evidence Sections rests with the Director of Emergency Communications.  

Communications Section

The Andover Emergency Communications Center is responsible for receiving all Calls for Service from the public, both 9-1-1 calls and administrative calls, and for radio communications with all Andover Police Department members.  The Andover Emergency Communications Center also provides dispatching service for Andover Fire and Rescue.   In addition to Emergency Communications, Communication Officers are responsible for all public walk-ins for assistance and assist the Records/Evidence Custodian with data entry, copies of records for the public, insurance companies and attorneys when needed. Communication Officers work 12-hour shifts and are supervised by a Watch Commander.

Records/Evidence Section

The Records/Evidence Section is responsible for all case management and reports for the Andover Police Department, including Records management, data entry, copies for the public, insurance companies and attorneys.  The Records/Evidence Custodian acts as the repository for all official investigation reports, criminal history information, citations, mug shots, all other official information the department must archive and maintain computerized statistical data relative to case management and monthly statistical reports.  In addition, the Records/Evidence Custodian is responsible for the Department’s Property and Evidence Processing.  The Records/Evidence Section is made up of a civilian employee who is supervised by the Director of Emergency Communications.