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There are three approaches used in the SPEED program to accomplish the goal to make Andover a safer community: Education, Enforcement, and Deterrence.


To develop a police-community partnership for increasing speed limit compliance on residential streets and in school zones through education, enforcement and deterrence.

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  • Trained officers meet with neighborhood associations and community organizations to explain speeding problems in the community and provide related educational materials
  • Community members who pledge to drive safely within the speed limits will receive a SPEED decal to display on their vehicle. The decal shows others the driver is taking part in a community-based effort to address concerns with safety and speeding. The decal also serves as a pledge reminder for SPEED participants each time they get behind the wheel.
  • The Andover Police Department distributes program information through outlets such as our website, local access television, and community events.


SPEED Enforcement
Andover Police Officers will proactively enforce speeding violations through directed efforts in school zones and problem areas identified by the community.


  • Radar Trailer - A trailer equipped with computerized radar equipment for collecting vehicle speeds and data. When set in place, it collects and records the data of each passing vehicle, and may be set to display the registered speed to passing vehicles. If a speed problem is identified, then steps will be taken to ensure speed limit compliance in that area. Citizen Radar
  • Drone Vehicles - Marked police cars manned by uniformed mannequins are parked in neighborhoods with an identified speed problem. 
  • Citizen Radar Program - Trained citizen volunteers are loaned traffic radars to document speeds in their neighborhood. Drivers observed speeding are sent a letter from the police department informing them of their observed violation and asking them to comply with speed limits in the future.
  • "Keep Kids Alive - Drive 25©" - The police department is partnering with this national organization to educate and actively engage citizens in Andover in a common commitment to create safe streets. Keep Kids Alive Drive 25

Together, we can make a difference!

More Information

For more information, contact Lt. Lance Parker at (316) 733-5177 ext. 215.