Chaplain Program


About the Program

The purpose of the Andover Police Department’s Chaplain Program is to complement the department’s commitment to public service excellence by providing a source of emotional and spiritual support to department members, their families and the community.
This is a volunteer organization consisting of members of the local clergy who have been appointed by the Chief of Police.


The Chaplain Program is a crisis / counseling program provided to the community and Andover Police Department, either by responding to a situation as requested by police or by being available for counseling with Andover Police Department personnel and/or their families.
Chaplains provide confidential debriefing (CISM) with Andover Police Department employees as needed.
The Chaplain Program provides a community-policing avenue for the Andover Police Department and the community to work together through participating pastors and churches.


Chaplain J SmithChaplain Director Jerry Smith,
Faith Baptist Church
Chaplain HiebertChaplain Leon Hiebert,
Andover Assembly of God
Chaplain Tuggle Chaplain Brad Tuggle,
Grace First Church
Chaplain NeubauerChaplain Rick Neubauer,
First Baptist Church, Augusta
Chaplain IveyChaplain Daniel Ivey,
Anchor Baptist Church
Chaplain NevinsChaplain Norm Nevins,
Christ Church
Chaplain LangleyChaplain John Langley,
East Point Church of Christ
Chaplain GillespieChaplain James Gillespie,
Andover Baptist Church
Chaplain LeMonnierChaplain David LeMonnier,
Epic Church
Chaplain KachelmeierChaplain Kyle Kachelmeier,
Journey Church
Chaplain Steven Bishop HeadshotChaplain Steven Bishop
Generations Church 
Chaplain Randy Sexton HeadshotChaplain Randy Sexton