Recycling / Trash Rates


The City of Andover will bill in advance for the city-wide recycling program. If the resident also elects to utilize the city preferred hauler for trash service this will also be included in the sewer bill. The rates are as listed below:

  •  Curbside single stream recycling in 96 gallon cart picked up every other week $6.88
  • The Preferred Hauler trash service (optional) in 96 gallon cart picked up every week $12.54
  • Combined total of $19.42 per month 

 These rates are contracted and have restrictions on when they may be adjusted. The contract does not include any price adjustments for fuel surcharges or have any ties to landfill / transfer fees that are also owned by the contractor. In fact the contract stipulates that the trash be dumped at the Butler County Landfill in an effort to reduce the need for property tax increases.

Pay Your Bill Online 

 You can now pay your bill online with a debit or credit card or e-check.  To learn more about this program, visit the City's Online Bill Payment page.