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Welcome to Alert Andover, the City of Andover's proactive notification system. Alert Andover is used by the City to notify citizens and/or businesses of both Emergency Alerts and Community Information Alerts.

Alert Andover is a no-charge mass notification system through Everbridge that serves as both a "reverse 911" type system, as well as a method for allowing citizens and businesses to opt-in to receive informational Alerts.


Alerts are messages sent from the City of Andover to keep citizens and businesses informed. These consist of:

Emergency AlertsAlerts that contain time sensitive specific information regarding hazards to life or property.

Examples include: Amber Alerts, evacuations, active police manhunts, etc.

Due to the wide range of available services for weather information, weather is an opt-in category below

Community Alert CategoriesAlerts with information regarding a specific City service, including:

General Informational AlertsThis is a mandatory category that includes Alerts such as those regarding system availability, new Alert categories, etc.
Law Enforcement AlertsInformational Alerts regarding police department activity including community programs, BOLOs (Be On the Lookouts), scam information, and other Police Department specific information
Fire Department AlertsAlerts from Andover Fire & Rescue including calls that impact traffic or person access, community programs, safety tips, etc.
WeatherWeather Alerts directly impacting Andover. General watches will not be sent, only conditions requiring a heightened awareness.
LibraryAlerts sent from Andover Public Library regarding their programs, events, and other opportunities.
TrafficSituations directly affecting the traffic flow in or around Andover.
UtilitiesAlerts about utility services provided by the City of Andover, such as when Wastewater is using smoke to test lines, planned street maintenance, known water issues (when the City is notified by Wichita Water), etc.
Parks & RecreationInformational Alerts regarding Parks programs, such as recycling days, sports registration dates, rain-outs, etc.
City EventsInformational Alerts about City specific events such as Council Meetings or Town Hall Meetings. Regular updates and requests regarding the City's Comprehensive Development Plan will be sent through this category.
Community EventsAlerts with information about City-supported community events such as Greater Andover Days or Hometown Christmas.

When you register, you are given the option to sign up for the specific categories. Only Emergency Alerts and General Informational Alerts are "mandatory."


There are three steps (click on the "Step" for a screen capture image). 

Step 1

  • Create your user name and password. Enter your primary email address.
  • You'll create a Security Answer to a Security Question.
  • Make sure to accept the Terms of Use from Everbridge.

Step 2

  • Choose the Alerts you wish to receive. Enter your name.
  • You may enter multiple locations to be Alerted about. You can enter your home address, your business address, other family member's addresses and/or your school's address.
  • While most Alerts are sent to all our registrants, if we send an Alert limited in area, such as a neighborhood evacuation, it will only be sent to registrants with a Location in that area.
  • If you do not live in Andover or Bruno Township, and wish to receive any Alerts, simply use an Andover address in your locations such as the Police Department (909 N. Andover Road) or City Hall (1609 E. Central Ave.). The system will not allow people to register addresses outside our notification area.

Step 3

  • Enter your contact information and choose the priority order you wish to receive your alerts.
    • For example, you may enter your cell phone number in both SMS Text and Primary Cell Phone and an email you check regularly in Primary Email. You can then choose to receive text Alerts as a "1" and Primary Cell Phone (voice message) as a "2", and primary email as a "3" for Emergencies. You may choose to only receive Alerts to your primary Email, so that would be a "1" for Community Alerts and "NA" for SMS Text and Cell Phone.

After Step 3 you'll receive a Confirmation Page. You may log in again at any time to change your information or notification preferences.

You may register as many locations in Andover, and as many phone numbers at each location, that you wish.

Public kiosks with internet access are available at Andover City Hall and Andover Public Library. If those locations are not convenient, call Andover Police Department Communications Section at (316) 733-5177 ext. 0 any day or time and ask for assistance.

We will even come to you! We have the ability to bring a notebook computer and Internet access to your location to get you registered.

We would love to present this community program to your civic group, HOA, business, classroom, etc. We will come to your location, and bring the necessary computers to register your entire group at your gathering. Contact the Communications Officer at Andover Police Department, (316) 733-5177 ext. 0 and leave a message. A staff member will contact you and schedule your event.