Walkable Andover

With 61 miles of sidewalks within our city's boundaries, there is no shortage of opportunities to walk Andover. Click on the map image below to see all the city's sidewalks. Remember bikes are allowed on the 10 foot wide sidewalks!

map of sidewalksBenches and trash cans have been added throughout the sidewalk system. These amenities improve your walk by giving you a place for a rest, if needed and providing receptacles for trash. This helps us all work together to keep Andover clean and free from litter.
As of late, the rail-banked land of the former BNSF railway has been converted to a "linear park", called the Redbud Trail.  In Andover, the already completed 1.7 stretch of trail goes from 159th St ends at Meadowlark St.

Ultimately the goal of both Wichita and Andover is to develop the trail which begins in Goddard, all the way to Augusta. Currently, the Wichita portion ends at Woodlawn.  Wichita has however, confirmed they will be making efforts to complete the trail from Woodlawn to 159th so that it connects the two cities.  

                                                        For more information about the Redbud Trail, click here.

Central Park also has a much path going back to the south end of the park that can be utilized to get a few more steps out of your walk!Central Park Running Trail