Municipal Court

Welcome to Andover Municipal Court

The Andover Municipal Court oversees cases involving violations of City Ordinances which include traffic, misdemeanor criminal cases, and code violations. Trials in Municipal Court are held in front of the Judge; there are no jury trials in Municipal Court.

The City of Andover has adopted the Standard Traffic Ordinances for Kansas Cities and Uniform Public Offense Code for Kansas Cities published by the Kansas League of Municipalities, in addition to the Code of the City of Andover.

If you are paying your Court Fines online, please note that the current payment software and Court System are not linked together so it will not pull over your balance/amount due. You will need to enter the amount that you are paying based on what the total due on your citation is or the previously discussed amount given to you by the Court.

Food for Fines - $5 per one canned good up to $50 max credit on court fines

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2023 Court Dates


Court Dates (Monday  5:30pm)

Diversion Dates  (Wednesday  5:00pm)


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