City Clerk

City Clerk

The City Clerk is the official 'records keeper' for the City of Andover. This position records the minutes of City Council meetings, processes the applications of licensing for various City permits, and administers Open Records requests.

Beer License

  • Licenses are issued annually and expire December 31 of each year
  • Applications must be approved by the Andover City Council
  • Applications are available on the State of Kansas website
  • Mail or present your completed application and $75 annual fee to City Hall
  • Andover City Code

Fireworks Sales License

  • Licenses are issued annually and expire June 1 of each year
  • A new stand application must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date of the City Council meeting at which it will be considered
  • License fee is $7,500. An additional fee of $2,500 is required to offset the cost incurred by the City of Andover to allow the public to shoot fireworks at the the 13th Street Sports Park during the days and times determined by the City Council. Once all expenses have been paid, remaining funds will be refunded to each licensed fireworks stand owners.
  • Permits for signage, electricity and tents may also be required
  • Licenses are available on June 24 of each year
  • Andover City Code
  • Sale and Discharge Dates and Times
  • Fireworks Stand Sales Application Form

Liquor License

  • City licenses are issued to coincide with the date of the State of Kansas license
  • Present your State of Kansas issued license and appropriate City license fee to City Hall
    • Retail liquor sales - $300 annual fee
    • Drinking establishments - $250 annual fee
  • Andover City Code Retail liquor
  • Andover City Code Drinking establishments

Massage Therapy Business and/or Therapist

(effective April 15, 2017)
  • Any person or persons engaged in the operation of a Massage Therapy Business or as a Massage Therapist must obtain a license/permit.
  • A two year Business License is $200 -  Application and Information Sheet
  • A two year Therapist Permit is $75 - Application and Information Sheet
  • Present your payment, completed application, and required documents to City Hall.         (Please allow 30 days for approval.)
  • Andover City Code

Open Records Request

  • Open Record Request Form needs to be filled out in full and submitted to City Hall
  • If a fee is required, a portion or all will be collected prior to the records research
  • The City has three business days from the date of receipt of the request to notify the requestor when the information will be available to pick up or review
  • Andover City Code

Solicitor's License
(Peddler's Permit, Door to Door License)

  • Solicitor License Application, copy of Kansas Sales Tax certificate, color copy of driver's license or other State issued ID must be presented to City Hall
  • License fee is per person
    • $10 per day
    • $100 per 365 days
  • The license will be issued within 10 business days of receipt of a completed application and proper documentation and payment
  • Andover City Code

Street Closure Request

  • Public streets may not be closed for any reason without receiving prior approval from the City Council.  
  • Fill out the request form and include a location map showing where the closure will be.
  • Completed form and map should be either emailed, mailed or dropped off at City Hall to the attention of the City Clerk. 
  • You will be notified when you will need to be present at a council meeting.

Trash Hauler's License

  • Licenses are issued annually and expire December 31 of each year.
  • Truck inspections are completed by the Andover Police Department. Please call (316) 733-5177 ext. 0 to make an appointment
  • Mail or present the approved inspection and license fee for each vehicle to City Hall
  • Andover City Code