Code Enforcement

To contact Code Enforcement staff, please call 316.733.1303 or email to

The City of Andover has adopted codes to ensure that properties do not become unsightly, to improve the overall safety of neighborhoods and ensure consistent property values. The City’s Environmental Officer works directly with property owners and tenants with the goal of obtaining voluntary compliance with the Codes of the City of Andover.

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Common Violations

Trash and Debris

Accumulation of rubbish such as vehicle parts, open or closed containers of engine or transmission oil, appliances, discarded furniture and household items, trash, limbs and piles of yard waste not under active composting cannot be stored outdoors and must be properly disposed of.

Tall Grass & Weeds

City Code regulates uncontrolled growth of grass and weeds on private property and the right-of-way adjoining it. Notices will be issued for growth above 12 inches on lots with a structure and 18 inches on vacant lots. Kansas Statute provides that repeat violations within the same year do not require additional notice to the owner which allows cities to cut grass and weeds at the property owner’s expense without further notice.

flyer on grass clippings

Inoperable Vehicles

Motor vehicles are considered a nuisance when not properly registered and tagged, parked in violation to City ordinance, incapable of moving under its own power, junked, wrecked or other inoperable condition. Multiple conditions can raise the presumption that a vehicle is junked, wrecked or inoperable including the following: absence of a current registration plate upon the vehicle, placement on jacks, blocks or other supports and the absence of one or multiple parts that are necessary for the lawful street operation of the vehicle.


Owners are responsible for trimming any tree branches lower than 10 feet over sidewalks and 14 feet over alleys and streets.

Common Concerns Not Covered by Code

Written codes cannot anticipate or regulate every possible citizen concern. Our community is made up of individuals whose circumstances or views may not always be in harmony with one another. Many issues are best resolved privately, using tolerance, common sense, courtesy and by speaking constructively with your neighbors. Offering to help a neighbor correct a common problem can often improve the situation. Some issues are simply beyond the scope of existing code. Some examples are:

  • Leaves, fruit or limbs falling onto my property from a neighbor’s tree
  • Outdoor toys or play equipment left on the lawn, unless unusable due to obvious breakage
  • Out of season house décor and yard art
  • Seasonal presence of insects, birds or animals not related to a correctable nuisance specifically listed in the Code of the City of Andover.