Instructions for Utility Companies

  1. Before utility installation begins, each utility company should review the developers Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) for projects disturbing 5 acres or more.
  2. If the utility work is performed before streets are installed, and providing that the developer has installed the erosion control practices outlined in the “Erosion Control Instructions For Subdivision Development For Owner / Developers”, utility companies will not be required to install additional devices while working on this site, unless said work is not contained by previously install devices.
  3. If the utility work is performed after streets are installed, and provided that the developer, street, and storm sewer contractors have installed their required devices, utility companies will not be required to install additional devices providing that they protect the devices installed by others.
  4. Utility companies will be required to protect all erosion control devices present while installing their facilities. Any devices damaged must be repaired before the end of each workday. Devices can be temporarily removed to facilitate utility construction, but must be properly replaced at the end of each workday.
  5. Utility companies must access the site form existing streets via a stabilized construction entrance. If one is not available at the desired location, the utility company shall provide one. Any mud inadvertently tracked onto any street shall be removed at the close of work each day.
  6. Often, in subdivision work, utilities must make tie-ins at locations off the actual subdivision site. At those locations, the utility company may be required to install erosion control devices.
  7. In newer subdivisions, utility companies will find that the city street contractors have installed an erosion control mat over seed and fertilizer back of curb. This is an erosion control device that must be protected at all time. If damaged or removed, it must be repaired by smoothing the ground, reseeding, refertilizing, reinstalling the mat, pinned down per manufactures recommendations.