Instructions for Storm Sewer Contractors

  1. All of the conditions contained in “Erosion Control Instructions for Subdivision Development Utility Companies” shall apply except as indicated herein.
  2. Area Drains: As soon as these structures are backfilled to the point that they can receive sediment-bearing runoff, inlet protection must be installed. This will be either a haybale or silt fence device, or gravel filter.
  3. Street Drains: If located in low point sag, inlet protection must be installed by the storm sewer contractor as soon as the structure is backfilled. The protection will consist of gravel filter or acceptable tubing offset from the face of the inlet so as to not totally obstruct flow. Haybales and sandbags are not allowed.
  4. Outlet Protection: At the outlet of new storm sewer systems into a lake or ditch, normally the construction plans will specify some type of permanent control device such a headwall, slope paving, or rip-rap. If erosion is anticipated outside of the permanent device, the storm sewer contractor will install erosion control matting to protect the area.