Unified Development Manual

The Unified Development Manual, adopted by the City Council on December 18th, 2018, is the primary guide to development within the City of Andover. The UDM incorporates procedures, standards and regulations for zoning as well as subdivision applications.

The resolution adopting the UDM can be found by clicking HERE.  The ordinance (Ordinance 1693)  that memorializes those actions can be found here.

The resolution adopting the new Site Plan Review Procedures and Standards can be found by clicking HERE.  

The Floodplain Management has been codified and can be found in our City Code or by click HERE

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This Unified Development Manual (UDM) provides a single gateway to find all the information needed to develop a construction project in Andover, Kansas. First adopted by the City of Andover in 2018, and effective on January 1, 2019, the UDM will be reviewed annually, and updated as necessary.  

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Andover's UDM has four parts.


Basic information to help clarify and facilitate the development process, including information on submittal deadlines for applications and plans, City meeting schedules, fees, and links to required City forms.


City of Andover Zoning Regulations, Zoning Map, Subdivision Regulations, and definitions of related terms.
• Zoning Regulations establish appropriate uses for land and buildings in various agricultural, residential, mixed use, business, and industrial zones. They apply to all changes to buildings, structures and land uses within the City limits. The City's Official Zoning Map shows the geographic boundaries of each zone. It is adopted by reference in the Zoning Regulations, and is available on the City's website.
• Subdivision Regulations provide for coordinated development of lots, streets, utilities, and drainage systems, within the City and its extraterritorial jurisdiction. They apply when any property owner wishes to divide or subdivide land, develop a plat, alter the boundaries of an existing lot or parcel, or vacate a right-of-way, easement, public reserve, or recorded plat.
• The Definitions in this section apply to Zoning Regulations, Subdivision Regulations, and Site Plan Review and Approval. They do not apply to Building and Construction Codes, which have their own dedicated set of definitions.


Information on the Site Plan Review process, including procedures, applicability, fees, enforcement, and appeals, as well as calculations and documentation required to submit an application, and helpful checklists.
• The City's authority for Site Plan Review and Approval is established in its Zoning Regulations.
• The Site Plan Review process is intended to maintain and enhance the quality of the built environment in Andover. Standards help to improve the livability of neighborhoods, enhance the appearance of commercial areas, increase property values, screen undesirable views, improve relationships between non-compatible land uses, and contribute to a positive image for the community.
• Site Plan Review Standards apply to those parts of a development project which can be seen from public rights-of-way, including exteriors of buildings, accessory structures, parking areas, outdoor lighting, and landscaping.


Links to websites with other Regulations, Codes, and planning documents which may impact development projects in Andover, including:
• Andover Stormwater Management Regulations.
• Andover Riparian Buffer Regulations.
• Andover Floodplain Management Regulations.
• Andover Building and Construction Codes.
Also includes links to other plans and regulations that may affect development in Andover and its extraterritorial jurisdiction, including:
• City of Andover planning documents.
• County codes and planning information.
• Other sources for planning information.