Planning Commission & Board of Zoning Appeals


Early in the history of zoning, it was recognized that when reviewing zoning and other land use matters, elected officials needed input from a group of individuals who were not affected by political concerns. Having a group of interested volunteers advise elected officials on land use decisions for the community was intended to allow a wide range of views to be fairly represented.  The Planning Commission, and the volunteers who are members, represent the various interests found in the community, such as professionals, business owners and citizens. In theory, this allows Planning Commissioners to act without political considerations.

The Board of Zoning Appeals makes decisions on applications for variances from the Zoning Regulations, appeals of determinations made by the Zoning Administrator and conditional use applications.


The Planning Commission & Board of Zoning Appeals is comprised of seven members, of which five must reside within the City limits and two must reside outside of the City limits but within the City’s extraterritorial jurisdiction.  Current members and their terms can be found HERE.


The Andover Planning Commission & Board of Zoning Appeals meets on the third Tuesday of each month at Andover City Hall, 1609 E. Central Ave., at 7:00pm.