APD's Response to Sexual Assaults

Learn about APD’s response to sexual assaults

What will happen if I contact the Police Department about being sexually assaulted?

If you are a victim or someone who cares deeply for a victim of sexual violence, the Andover Police Department wants the opportunity to ensure you get access to help from us and our many partners in the community.  We want you to have a voice in moving forward and receive consistent information about the services available here in Andover.

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Reaching out to police will be confidential and doesn’t require you file a report or pursue criminal charges against the offender.

This is what we’ll do for you when you contact us, whether through 911, our 24-hour business line (316) 733-5177, or stopping by the department (909 N. Andover Rd.) open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.  

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Rape and Sex Assault - First Response

  • You will be treated with dignity, respect and compassion.
  • We’ll check with you about emergency and non-emergency medical attention.
  • We’ll see that you have a safe place to stay. 
  • All our officers are trained to understand the complexity of sexual violence reporting and are prepared to provide you with comprehensive information about the options a victim has.
  • We’ll arrange for a victim advocate to join you as soon as possible, if you desire one.
  • We’ll give you your options and make sure you know who else can help.
  • We’ll do our part to make you comfortable with the process.
  • We’ll ask as few questions as necessary as we progress through the process.
  • At your request we’ll investigate your assault as a crime, leaving your options open.
  • If you want to report, we’ll work with you to gather the best evidence possible for later criminal proceedings, if that is the path you choose.
  • We’ll locate and arrest your offender if the situation dictates that approach and meets with your approval.
  • Our first responders will see that your voice is heard and your decisions are respected.

We encourage reporting sexual violence as a crime!