Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

The City of Andover is currently looking for nine (9) Andover citizens who are interested in being appointed to the newly created Parks & Recreation Advisory Board.  The term for this appointment will be two (2) years.  Meetings will be held at least once each calendar quarter.  

If you are interested in an appointment, click on the ‘Create’ button underneath the ‘Board Application’ heading HERE to submit your interest. 

The duties of the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board will be to:

a)   Make recommendations to the governing body for the beautification of City parks and public open space and recreational opportunities for the greater Andover community.

b)   Develop a list of goals and objectives, to include but not limited to:

1.    Needs and usage of the existing City parks, public open space, and recreational opportunities.

2.    Need for additional park grounds and public open spaces. 

3.    Size and type of park grounds and public open spaces.

4.    Development of short and long-range capital improvements required to develop current and proposed sites and facilities.

c)   Develop initiatives to enhance the image of the community, both at the neighborhood level and City-wide, through beautification and preservation projects to include landscaping, streetscaping, tree planting, decorative lighting, and measures to reduce traffic, noise, sight and other types of pollution.

d)   Consider, investigate, make findings, report and/or recommend upon any special matter within its scope of work at the request of the governing body, Mayor and/or City Administrator.

e)   Serve as the first point of contact and coordinate any volunteer labor offered for beautifying and improving City parks and public open spaces.

f)    Manage grants and gifts of sites, facilities, funds, and work with outside agencies and groups in the development and maintenance of parks, public open space, and recreational facilities.

g)   Oversee the development, implementation, and update of the Parks & Recreation System Master Plan.

h)   Undertake such other responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time by the governing body. 

This Board will be heavily involved in the development of the 2022-2031 Plan.  

You can also view our current Parks System Master Plan HERE

The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board will have no authority over the park and/or recreation systems, nor have the authority to make any rules or regulations governing the use of any park, public open space, or recreational offering.  The Board is advisory in nature only, and the actions of the Board shall be subject to the discretion of the Governing Body.