Capitol Federal Amphitheater®

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Opened in 2018, Capitol Federal Amphitheater® is the centerpiece of Central Park. Capitol Federal Amphitheater® is a city-operated, outdoor ADA accessible space that is great for meetings, special occasions and general use by the public. At maximum capacity, Capitol Federal Amphitheater® seats just over 10,000 people. 

Reservations at Capitol Federal Amphitheater® includes the stage, gated backstage area, concrete area in front of the stage, grass areas up to the top of the sloped section and the sidewalks connecting these areas. When reserving the Amphitheater, you may also have access to the parking lot directly adjacent to the playground, subject to approval by the City. 

The City of Andover does not provide tables or chairs for amphitheater rentals. These items must be provided through a separate vendor. Public restrooms are available on the north side of the park near the playground and Central Park gazebo. 

Capitol Federal Amphitheater®  is equipped with a sound system and video boards that may be utilized during reservations. This sound system includes wireless microphones and speakers at the stage. You must provide an approved A/V operator when requesting use of the City’s sound and video equipment. The City will not provide A/V operators. A separate meeting will be required to test all of the A/V materials and equipment no later than one (1) week from the day of the event. The City reserves the right to restrict usage of the A/V components of the Amphitheater. 

Any outside equipment must be properly installed at the venue in conjunction with all established safety measures. City staff reserves the right to make the final determination of safety for any outside equipment at the facility. The City is not responsible for any damage to any equipment brought to the Amphitheater. 

We have various packages available for your event at Capitol Federal Amphitheater®. Please contact 316.733.1303, ext. 421 for more information.

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