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February 26, 2002



The Andover City Council met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 909 N. Andover Road in the Andover Civic Center.  Mayor Dennis Bush welcomed the 11 Boy Scouts from Troop #524 who were in attendance for their Citizenship badges.  He then called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.  City Council Members present were Keith Zinn, Charley Lewis, Sheri Geisler, Bob Ruth and Ben Lawrence.  Others in attendance were: City Superintendent Les Mangus, Administrative Services Director Donna Davis, Administrative Secretary Amy Train, City Attorney Norman Manley, Police Chief Randall Harris, and City Clerk/Administrator Jeff Bridges.


Call to Order

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Bush.


Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Bush opened the floor to public comment.  No one spoke.


Public Forum

A motion was made by Bob Ruth, seconded by Ben Lawrence, to appoint Harry Hale to the to the City Council to finish the unexpired term of Gary Fugit.  Motion carried 5/0.


Harry Hale was sworn in by Jeff Bridges.


Mayor Bush welcomed Mr. Hale back to the Council.


City Council Appointment

Mayor Bush stated that he would take nominations for City Council President.  Sheri Geisler nominated Ben Lawrence.  There were no other nominations. 


A motion was made by Sherri Geisler, seconded by Charley Lewis, to elect Ben Lawrence as City Council President.  Motion carried 6/0.


Election of Council President

A motion was made by Charley Lewis, seconded by Sheri Geisler, to approve the consent agenda in its entirety as follows:


Consent Agenda




Approval of Minutes:

February 12, 2002 City Council Meeting







Receive & File Minutes:

February 19, 2002 Planning Commission Meeting.







Approval Appropriation Ordinance No. B-03-02 in the amount of $290,022.60.







Approval of Purchase of Backhoe (Street Department) from Sellers Tractor for an amount not to exceed $55,190.00







Approval of Purchase of Tractor (Compost Program) from Wichita Tractor for an amount not to exceed $22,948.00










Approval of Purchase of Radar Units for Police Cars from Kustom Signals for an amount not to exceed $5,930.00










Authorize Solicitation of bids for an easement machine for the Wastewater Department to be opened at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 7, 2002










Authorization for the solicitation of bids for a grappling attachment for the Street Department to be opened at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 7, 2002










Cedar Park 2 nd Addition Streets: Accept the plans and authorize the taking of bids on Tuesday March 12th at 11:00 a.m.










Green Valley 9th Addition Streets: Accept the plans and authorize the taking of bids on Tuesday March 12th at 11:00 a.m.










Authorize the purchase of portable dugouts for T-Ball fields from American Fence Company for an amount not to exceed $2,800.00










Authorize tree relocating services for the 13th Street Sports Park from Treescapes in an amount not to exceed $1,800.00









Motion carried 6/0.



A motion was made at 7:06 p.m. by Ben Lawrence, seconded by Sheri Geisler to recess the City Council Meeting and Convene the Andover Public Building Commission Meeting.  Motion carried 6/0.



Andover Public Building Commission Meeting



President Ben Lawrence called the Andover Public Building Commission Meeting to order at 7:06 p.m.  Andover Public Building Commission members present were Dennis Bush, Sheri Geisler, Bob Ruth, Ben Lawrence, Keith Zinn, Charley Lewis, and Harry Hale.  Also in attendance was Secretary Jeff Bridges. 


APBC Call to Order & Roll Call

A motion was made by Sheri Geisler, seconded by Keith Zinn, to approve the minutes from the February12, 2002 Public Building Commission Meeting.  Motion carried 7/0.


APBC Minutes

Jeff Bridges presented the bids for the Golf Course Pump Station.  He gave some background on the project and stated the estimated cost was $80,000.00.  He stated the lowest bid was from Utility Contractors for $106,650.00.  “There should be sufficient revenue without significant changes to the contract to pay those bonds off if the golf course maintains a stable activity or increased activity.  There are some other issues regarding the operations of the golf course that some Council Members have expressed concern about.  However, in order to get the course in a condition to be managed properly, it is important that the city moves forward on the pump station and deal with any management issues as we go along.”


A motion was made by Charley Lewis, seconded by Keith Zinn, to accept the bid from Utility Contractors in an amount not to exceed $106,650.00 for the pump station at the golf course and authorize the president to sign a contract for those improvements.


In further discussion, Keith Zinn asked if the sprigging was included in this bid. 


Jeff Bridges stated that the sprigging would not be paid by the Public Building Commission, it would be paid out of the Golf Course Fund.


Dennis Bush asked where the money would come from to pay the bond payments if the golf course was not able to collect that amount or more and pay for it in rent.


Norm Manley stated that the debt is a City at large obligation.


Harry Hale stated that the reason this motion was made is because it was time critical.  He asked if there was a concern that the debt service revenue would not be available.


Jeff Bridges stated there was no concern at this time based on historic performance.


There was general discussion regarding the funding of the project.


Charley Lewis requested that a date be set to further discuss the operations of the Golf Course.


Jeff Bridges stated the management issues can be discussed at the March 12th meeting in executive session.


Ben Lawrence stated he agreed with his fellow Commissioners.  “That course is in dire need of some work.  It needs water desperately.  I am a little hesitant to proceed with this not exactly knowing where the funds are going to be coming from.  It is time critical but that leaves $70,000 to $80,000 out there that we don’t know where it is coming from.”


Jeff Bridges stated that on a year to year basis the funds are coming in.  “What the prior Public Building Commission talked about was pay whatever can be paid in cash, finance the rest and use the rent payments from the golf course to pay those annual debt service payments.  That is the projected way to do this and that is what is being recommended at this time.


Ben Lawrence clarified by saying the projection is there will be enough revenue generated by the course because it is more playable.  He further stated that was only a projection.


Mr. Bridges stated that even at last years rent level, there should be sufficient revenue to pay the debt service.  “We are anticipating a debt service of about $10,000.00 a year and last year the Golf Course brought in almost $13,000.00, however it had a high point of $18,000.00.  If it can get back into the $15,000.00 to $16,000.00 range there shouldn’t be a problem.  Without repairing the Golf Course, it doesn’t matter how you tackle the other issues, people are not going to play the course.”


Motion carried 5/2 with Ben Lawrence and Dennis Bush in opposition. 


Dennis Bush explained his vote by stating that although he agrees that this issue is time sensitive, he knows that the budget next year is going to be strained.  “I know that we are probably going to be coming to the people with a mill levy increase.  I think it is very important that whatever funds are set aside in that reserve, are to be used for nothing other than debt service.”


Harry Hale confirmed that the issue pertaining to the management of the golf course would be brought up in a future meeting.


Jeff Bridges stated that that issue would be on the March 12th agenda in an executive session.


Bob Ruth asked when the concession stand for the 13th Street Sports Park would go before the Public Building Commission.


Jeff Bridges stated that would be on the March 12th agenda as well.


Motion was made by Keith Zinn, seconded by Dennis Bush, to adjourn the Public Building Commission and reconvene the City Council Meeting at 7:18 p.m.  Motion carried 7/0.


Golf Course Pump Station

Reconvene the City Council Meeting



Mayor Bush reconvened the City Council Meeting at 7:18 p.m.



Les Mangus presented the revised sewer plans for Reflection Lake at Cloud City.  He stated that with the replatting of the Cloud City Subdivision, it is necessary to extend some sewer lines to serve the new lots that were created.  After some general discussion and clarification, a motion was made by Charley Lewis, seconded by Ben Lawrence, to approve the revised sewer plans and authorize Poe & Associates to work with the contractor for Cloud City to implement the revised plan.  Motion carried 6/0.


Revised Sewer Plans for Reflection Lake at Cloud City

Les Mangus presented the non-elected personnel for the Wastewater Department.  He stated that Dale Haney has completed his probationary period and staff is recommending he be moved to regular status and a raise of salary from $12.83 to $13.47 effective February 20, 2002.  A motion was made by Ben Lawrence, seconded by Sheri Geisler, to approve the salary increase of $12.83 to $13.47 and change in status from probation to regular status for Dale Haney effective February 20, 2002.  Motion carried 6/0.


Mayor Bush recommended the appointment of David Ledgerwood to fill the extra-territorial vacancy on the Planning Commission.


Charley Lewis asked if it would be possible for the Council to meet the proposed members of the various committees before a vote is taken on the appointments. 


Mayor Bush stated that he thought the topic of procedures for appointments should be on the next City Council Workshop Agenda.


A motion was made by Charley Lewis, seconded by Harry Hale, to approve the appointment of David Ledgerwood to the Planning Commission. 


In further discussion, Ben Lawrence asked if Mr. Ledgerwood would be invited to the Planning Training Session on March 2nd


Jeff Bridges stated that he will be in attendance contingent upon his approved appointment.


Motion carried 6/0.


Non-elected personnel

Member Items:


Charley Lewis asked if the Senior Citizens had commented on the sump pump drainage relocation that was paid for in full by the City.


Jeff Bridges stated they thanked the Council and were very appreciative. 


Sheri Geisler welcomed Harry Hale.


Keith Zinn also welcomed Mr. Hale.


Mayor Bush stated that there was a City Council liaison position open for the Wastewater Department, which he gave to Harry Hale.


Harry Hale thanked the Council for giving him another opportunity to serve this community.  “It is an honor and a privilege.”


Keith Zinn asked if there had been a ruling on the court case heard on Friday.


Norm Manley stated the judge has taken everything under advisement and will be making a ruling sometime very shortly. 


Member Items

A motion was made by Charley Lewis, seconded by Ben Lawrence, to adjourn the meeting at 7:32 p.m.  Motion carried 6/0.


Meeting adjourned

Respectfully Submitted by

Amy Train

Administrative Secretary


Approved this 12th day of March, 2002 by the City Council, City of Andover.


Jeffrey K. Bridges

City Clerk