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February 17, 2004


The Andover City Planning Commission met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, February 17, 2004 at 909 N. Andover Road in the Andover Civic Center. Chairman Quentin Coon called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Commission Members present were Clark Nelson, Jan Cox, Jeff Syrios, Charlotte Bass, Ron Roberts, Lynn Heath, and David Martine. Others in attendance were Zoning Administrator Les Mangus, Administrative Secretary Deborah Carroll, City Clerk/Administrator Jeff Bridges and City Council Liaison Keith Zinn.

Call to Order


Review the minutes of the January 20, 2004.

Clark Nelson made a motion to approve the minutes as drafted. Charlotte Bass seconded the motion. Motion carried 8/0.

Review the minutes of the Jan. 20, 2004.



Review the City Council minutes from the January 13, 2004, and January 27, 2004 meetings. Jan Cox said that in the minutes of January 13, on page 2, item D, the year needs to be changed from 3004 to 2004. Minutes were received and filed.

Review the Site Plan Review Committee minutes from the February 3, 2004 meeting. Minutes were received and filed.

Review the Subdivision Committee minutes from the February 10, 2004 meeting. Jan Cox said that on page 3, the second paragraph down, both Crescent Lakes should be Woodstone. Minutes were received and filed.

Review of the Potential Residential Lot Report. Lynn Heath asked Les how many new building permits were being issued per month. Les said last year's average was about 15 per month and so far in 2004 there have been more than 20 issued to date.



Review the Final PUD Plan of the Crescent Lakes Addition Phase 4. Kenny Hill from Poe and Associates presented the plan for the applicant. He said this is the last phase of this development. It includes 85 single-family lots, 2 new ponds are proposed, and a recreation reserve which allows a swimming pool. The developer is planning to construct a street across the existing dam, and put a new control structure across the dam of the existing lake. Kenny said they have met with the Subdivision Committee and there are no objections to any of the recommendations from the committee.

Kenny said the developer, Bob Whittaker, is present to answer any questions of the Commission.

Quentin Coon asked Kenny if they are planning to replace the dam. Kenny said part of the dam would have to be rebuilt.

Clark Nelson asked if the drainage plan requirements have been met. Kenny said he has the drainage plan and lot grading plan but has not submitted them to Les yet. Kenny said the other requirements on the checklist have been met.

Bob Whittaker said he is donating 2 lots, combined into 1 lot (Reserve B), for a future pool that the homeowners may put in, but he is not personally putting in the pool as part of the amenity package. He said he provided the first pool and the park playground that are there now.

Les said another utility letter was received from SBC and it has been passed on to Kenny Hill to make the necessary adjustments.

Lynn Heath asked for clarification of the additional 20' easement as asked for by SBC. Les said it is for an additional 20' easement on the back of the majority of the lots that don't already have an easement of 20' or more. Les said he does not know why they cannot use the reserve areas for those utilities, and that this seems excessive. Les said Kenny would have to work this out with SBC. Kenny said he would talk to them about lowering it to 10' easements since they can use the reserve.

Lynn Heath asked if anyone had any questions about the sidewalks. He said they are 5' wide along Woodstone and Crescent Lakes Drive.

Clark Nelson made a motion to approve the plat subject to the drainage plan, lot grading plan being submitted and working out the utility easement issue with SBC. Lynn Heath seconded the motion. Motion carried 8/0.

Review the Final PUD Plan of the Crescent Lakes Addition Phase 4.


Recommendation on the annexation of the property at 845 South Allen Street. Les said that with the annexation of the Bales Addition, which is adjacent to this property, and the subsequent design of a sanitary sewer project, the Brimers petitioned for annexation and asked to be included in that sanitary sewer benefit district. This property is 1/2 mile south of Highway 54 on Allen Street.

Clark Nelson asked if there are all of the necessary utilities available to this property. Les said the sewer is in construction, water is not available in this neighborhood yet but as a part of the annexation package that was offered to the Bales Addition, the City would come back in 5 years and offer to put in a water project, followed in 5 years by a paved street project.

Clark Nelson asked if the residents understand this time schedule. Les said they do and that they have attended most of the public hearings on the project.

Quentin Coon asked if the sewer line would run in the front of their property. Les said it would cross Allen Street on the southeast corner.

Clark Nelson made a motion to recommend approval for the petition for annexation subject to the appropriate terms of City staff. Lynn Heath seconded the motion.

Ron Roberts asked Jeff if this property would be added into the specials. Jeff said the benefit district would be recalculated to include this property. Motion carried 8/0.

Recommendation on the annexation of the property at 845 South Allen Street.


Member Items: David Martine thanked the Commission for the flowers during his hospital stay.

Quentin Coon said Bickley Foster was concerned about David Martine's availability to continue serving on the Comprehensive Development Plan Committee. Les said these meetings are just about to get intense and will be meeting every 2 weeks until the completion of the plan. Clark Nelson said the next meeting will be February 26, 2004 at the Central Park Lodge, from 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. David said he did not see a problem with continuing to serve.

Ron Roberts said that trucks are parking their semi trailers on north Harrison again. Les said this is a problem all over town and that the Code Enforcement officer has started to ticket the drivers. He said it is illegal to park a trailer on the street without being attached to a vehicle, and if it is, there is a time limit set.

Keith Zinn asked if the law was the same for RV's. Les said they also have a time limit for parking on the street.

Ron Roberts asked if the sign for Caywood on Lakeside complies with the sign regulations. He thinks it exceeds 100 square feet and is only about 3 feet off the ground. Les said he would look at it, but the dimensions that were submitted for approval were within the guidelines.

Member Items


Lynn Heath made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jan Cox seconded the motion. Motion carried 8/0.


Respectfully Submitted by



Deborah Carroll

Administrative Secretary

Approved this 16th day of March 2004 by the Andover City Planning Commission/ Board of Zoning Appeals, City of Andover.