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October 21, 2003


The Andover City Planning Commission met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, October 21, 2003 at 909 N. Andover Road in the Andover Civic Center. Chairman Quentin Coon called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Commission Members present were Clark Nelson, Jan Cox, Jeff Syrios, Charlotte Bass, Ron Roberts, Lynn Heath, and City Council Liaison Keith Zinn. Others in attendance were Zoning Administrator Les Mangus, Administrative Secretary Deborah Carroll, and City Clerk/Administrator Jeff Bridges. Commission Member David Martine was absent.

Call to Order


Review the minutes of the September 16, 2003 Planning Commission meeting.

Lynn Heath made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Ron Roberts seconded the motion. Janice Cox abstained from voting. Motion carried. 6/0/1.

Review the minutes of the September 16, 2003


Review the minutes of the City Council meetings of September 9, 2003 and September 30, 2003. Chairman Coon noted the minutes were accepted as presented.

Review the minutes of the October 7, 2003 Site Plan Review Committee. Chairman Coon noted the minutes were accepted as presented.

Quentin Coon asked if Big Cheese Pizza is building a new sign on Andover Road. Les Mangus said this will be an additional reader board on Central below the existing yellow Big Cheese sign.

Review of the Subdivision Committee meeting of October 14, 2003. Chairman Coon noted the minutes were accepted as presented.

Review of the Potential Residential Development Lot Report. Chairman Coon noted the report is accepted as presented.



Review of the Final PUD Plan for Flint Hills National Addition, Phase 4. Jason Gish from MKEC Engineering Consultants represented the applicant. Mr. Gish said the Preliminary PUD for Flint Hills National Addition, Phase 4 was approved at the last meeting. The proposal tonight is for the first Final PUD Plan for a portion of Phase 4. The area on the northern 2 cul-de-sacs and portion of the street is not under review for Final Plat tonight. Jason expects building to begin in this area during the beginning of 2004.

Clark Nelson asked for an explanation of the difference between the plat in his packet and the one on the table this evening. Les Mangus said the members were given a couple of letters, one from Westar stating they do not serve the Flint Hills Addition, and the other from Butler Rural Electric asking for additional easements for electricity in this new plat.

Jason Gish stated he is in conversation with Gary Dick concerning the easements and MKEC will be providing him more information to work out this issue.

Quentin Coon asked what the "v" marks on the plat map are for. Les Mangus said arrows have been placed where BREC thinks there should be an easement along the lot line. Jason said these lots are large enough that if the utility service was needed in the rear, an easement could be granted between the lots to provide for utilities. Les Mangus said this area has been platted to preserve the native grasses in the rear of the lots.

Clark Nelson asked if staff is satisfied with the corrections on the comments including the ones made from the Subdivision Committee meeting. Les Mangus said MKEC has a hydrologist working on the drainage issue.

Clark was concerned about approving this plat without everything being completed. Les thinks this can all be worked out between MKEC and Staff. This drainage plan report will show the effect the drainage in this area will have on the entire 640 acres at the outlet point, which is 3/4 of a mile away from this plat. The Subdivision Commission minutes state there will be an increase of 15% in runoff from this development, but when taken into context with the discharge from the entire 640 acres, it is a minute problem.

Jason Gish said the new street name has not been selected to replace "Primrose". Keith Zinn asked why a street name from Rose Hill would effect Andover street names. Les Mangus said it was for Butler County 911 responder's directions to the address. There is only 3 miles between the proposed Primrose Court and the Primrose in Rose Hill. This causes confusion for emergency vehicles as well as utility companies. Les Mangus said that is why Andover tries not to duplicate street names whenever possible.

Lynn Heath asked if all the staff comments have been satisfied.

Les Mangus said they have been addressed.

Clark Nelson made a motion to recommend to the City Council that they approve the Final Plat for Flint Hills National Addition Phase 4, subject to the satisfaction of the final drainage plan, street name change, and easement plan. Lynn Heath seconded the motion. Motion carried 7/0.

Review the Final PUD Plan for FHN Addition, Phase 4.


LS-2003-04 Review the application for Lot Split for Lot 1, of Block 1, of the Autumn Ridge Subdivision. Jason Gish from MKEC presented the proposed lot split. Les Mangus said this is a multi-family subdivision, and these lots would be divided along the common party wall between the multi-family houses. This is the paperwork for the owners to obtain separate titles for the lots and house.

Lynn Heath asked if this lot is 5000 square feet. Les Mangus said this application meets the Subdivision Regulations and the minimum lot sizes whereas the previous case needed a variance granted first due to the odd shape of the lot.

Lynn Heath made a motion to approve the Lot Split as requested. Ron Roberts seconded the motion. Motion carried 7/0.

LS-2003-04 Review the app. for Lot Split for Lot 1, of Block 1, of Autumn Ridge Subdivision.


VA-2003-05 Recommendation on the request by Don Klausmeyer for vacation of the south 5'6" of the 30' rear drainage/utility easement on the north side of Lot 10, Block 1, Phase II Caywood Addition, 1116 Elderberry Ct.

Les Mangus said this house has not been started yet, but the builder is asking for this vacation of a portion of the easement at the rear of the lot, for building decks that would extend past the easement line. The easement has been platted oversized for the needs. This subdivision buts up against the Quail Crossing subdivision which also has a 30' drainage/utility easement platted across the back which makes 60' total for the utilities to work in. Notices have been sent out to the utilities, and most of them do not have to put any facilities in this easement because they would just run across the property line into the adjacent property. Les said staff has no objections to the lot split.

Quentin Coon asked if this is for single-family residential. Les said that it is.

Quentin Coon asked if only 5'6" of the easement is being vacated. Les said that is correct.

Clark Nelson made a motion to recommend this vacation of utility easement for approval by the City Council. Charlotte Bass seconded the motion. Motion carried 7/0.

VA-2003-05 Recomm. on request for vacation of utility easement on the north side of 1116 Elderberry Ct.


Recommendation on Petitions for annexation at 1906 N. 159th Street and 1912 N. 159th Street. Jeff Bridges stated there is an agreement with both property owners that the City of Andover would annex them after the Caywood improvements were done and special assessment levied. Right-of-Way property was traded for this. The specials have recently been levied on Caywood Addition.

Les Mangus said all the public utilities are available for both of these properties. Water service is run to 159th Street, sewer lines are run at the rear of these properties and they are on a new paved street.

Jeff Bridges said these 2 property owners would not pay assessment on the street because the amount that would have been paid for the right-of-way dedicated would be the value of what they would have paid for the street. The properties are not connected to Wichita Water, but if they choose to connect, they will pay the same amount as if they had been inside the benefit district. Sewer can be accessed at the rear of the property.

Lynn Heath asked about the size of these lots. Jeff Bridges said that one of the lots is 3 acres and the other one is larger than that.

Clark Nelson made a motion to approve both of the the annexation petitions: at 1906 N. 159th Street and 1912 N. 159th Street. Lynn Heath seconded the motion. Motion carried 7/0.

Recommen. on Petition for annexation at 1906 N. 159th Street.


Update of the Comprehensive Development Plan Committee. Jeff Bridges said the questionnaire was developed by the steering committee and is still being checked for errors, but he expects the surveys to be mailed out within the next week to 10 days. Surveys will be sent to every address within the Andover city limits and to approximately 100 property owners outside the city limits. Surveys will be delivered to some local businesses that employ large numbers of people. The survey has been modified for the people who work in Andover but do not live in Andover. They will only receive the one page survey. Andover residents will answer the 3-page questionnaire. The expectation is to obtain responses from people who spend a great deal of time in the city, but that do not live in the city.

Quentin Coon asked for more information on questions 9 & 10 that both ask "would you support". He suggested being more clear in the wording if the City is asking for financial support.

Jeff Bridges said in no way is this a "scientific poll" it is only to gain more direction from the citizens for an update of the Comprehensive Development Plan.

Jeff Syrios asked if comments, suggestions, or editing were welcome. Jeff Bridges said not really. In an effort to get to the end of this project in a timely manner, not every suggestion will mean a change to what the steering committee drafted.

Quentin Coon asked why questions 6 & 12 were the same. Les Mangus said there has been a lot of trouble in converting this survey from one computer word processor program to another between Rice-Foster and staff.

Jeff Syrios said the wording "this is a one page survey" at the top of the document needs to be removed before printing the 3 page one. "Thank you for your response" should be placed at the end of the appropriate document before printing. Mr. Syrios also thinks that on questions 9 & 10, the wording should state "would support construction of".

Update of the Comp. Dev. Plan Committee.


Member Items:

Lynn Heath explained another member is needed to fill the position of David Martine if he is not able to complete his term. Janice Cox said she is interested in serving on this committee. Les said these are annual appointments for committees, and there would have to be a vacancy created to replace a person. The committee wants to table the issue until Lynn talks to him.

Ron Roberts asked about the status of the storage on 21st Street. He said the property has been cleaned up considerably. Les Mangus said that there is a new owner trying to clean up the previous owner's mess which were details that were contingent to the sale of the property. The new owner has said they are anxious to get into compliance with their special use permit. The owner has ordered an access security system

Lynn Heath asked if someone is living in the home. Les said they have remodeled one of them and are working on the other.

Ron Roberts asked about the restaurant on 21st Street. Les Mangus said that Santa Maria's Mexican Restaurant should be opening soon.

Member Items


A motion was made by Clark Nelson, seconded by Lynn Heath, to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 p.m. Motion carried 7/0.


Respectfully Submitted by



Deborah Carroll

Administrative Secretary

Approved this _____ day of _____________2003 by the Andover City Planning Commission/ Board of Zoning Appeals, City of Andover.