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July 11, 2005



The Site Plan Review Committee met for a recessed meeting on Monday, July 11, 2005 at the Andover Central Park Lodge located at 1607 E. Central, Andover, Kansas. Chairman Doug Allison called the meeting to order at 6:04 p.m. Members present were Jason Mohler, David Martine, Larry Crouse, David Beaver, and Kevin Dreiling. Others in attendance were Les Mangus Zoning Administrator, Deborah Carroll Administrative Secretary, and Jeff Bridges City Clerk/Administrator. Member Charley Lewis resigned.

Call to order



Chairman Doug Allison removed himself from the bench to present SP-2005-17 Pizza Hut. Vice-Chairman Kevin Dreiling stepped up as acting Chairman.




SP-2005-17: Review the Final Site Plan for the Pizza Hut located at 307 N. Andover Rd. Doug Allison of Wilson, Darnell, Mann Architects and agent for Fugate Enterprises and Mike Carney with Fugate Enterprises presented the Pizza Hut case.


Doug Allison stated the existing Pizza Hut store will remain open as long as possible during the construction of the new building. He said there will be temporary parking provided where the Whimsey’s store is currently located. This restaurant will be designed like the Pizza Hut in Augusta.


Doug Allison said he will return with an updated plan for Site Plan Committee approval for the new signage to be placed on the east side of the new building.


Jason Mohler asked about the slope of the access drive. Doug Allison said this has been addressed.


David Martine arrived at 6:10 p.m.


Larry Crouse made a motion to accept the site plan for Pizza Hut as presented. Jason Mohler seconded the motion. Motion carried 5/0/1 with Doug Allison abstaining.

SP-2005-17: Review the Final Site Plan for the Pizza Hut located at 307 N. Andover Rd.





Member Items: Les Mangus reminded the committee about election of officers to be held at the August meeting.

Member Items:



David Martine made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:13 p.m.  Larry Crouse seconded the motion. Motion carried 6/0.




Respectfully Submitted by



Deborah Carroll

Administrative Secretary


Approved this 9th day of August 2005 by the Site Plan Review Committee, City of Andover.