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January 6, 2004



The Site Plan Review Committee met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, January 6, 2003 at the Andover Central Park Lodge located at 1607 E. Central, Andover, Kansas. Chairman Doug Allison called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Members present were David Martine, Charley Lewis, Shawn King, David Beaver, and Kevin Dreiling. Others in attendance were Zoning Administrator Les Mangus, Administrative Secretary Deborah Carroll, and City Clerk/Administrator Jeff Bridges. Member Larry Crouse was absent.

Call to Order




Chairman Doug Allison welcomed new members David Beaver and David Martine to the Site Plan Committee.

Welcome David Martine & David Beaver.



Review the minutes of the Site Plan Review Committee meetings of November 4, 2003, November 6, 2003 and November 13, 2003.


Motion by Charley Lewis to approve the minutes as presented of the November 4, November 6, and November 13, 2003 meetings of the Site Plan Review Committee. David Martine abstained from voting. Doug Allison seconded the motion. Motion carried 5/0/1.

Review the minutes of SPRC of November 4, 6, and 13, 2003.




Staff Communications and Reports. None.




SP-2004-01 Review the Site Plan for the Andover Village Retail Center, located in the 300 block of south Andover Road. (adjacent to the north of Bank of America) Gennifer Glenn and Randy Phillips of Spangenberg Phillips Architecture, Wichita, Kansas, presented the plans to the committee.


Gennifer Glenn said that this plan is for a strip retail shopping center of 10,150 square feet. She said there would be traffic circulation around the entire building, and customer parking in the front. Access roads will connect with the adjacent Bank of America site.


Gennifer said the efis color will be beige and the trim will be a darker brown. The metal awnings across the front will be a brick red color. This will be a metal building with efis. The back wall will be a beige color metal panel to match the efis.


Gennifer said that there are 3 light poles planned for the front parking lot.


The monument sign will match the building. The base will be dark brown brick, and the sign will be tan and beige.  The owner is only developing the shell of the building at this time. They are not sure yet of the tenants that will occupy the building.


Randy Phillips said he has been working with Les on this project to resolve drainage issues in the rear of the property. Poe & Associates will be coordinating with adjacent landowners on the storm sewer system.


David Martine asked if the HVAC system would be a ground or roof system. Phillip said it would be on the ground.


Charley Lewis asked if the back of the building would be left as plain metal. Gennifer said it would be the same color scheme matching the front of the building.


Charley Lewis asked about landscaping plans for the rear of the building. Gennifer said there would not be any plantings against the building, but some are shown against the screening wall. Randy said there is an 8' tall fence in the back.


David Martine asked how tall the building is. Randy said the tallest parapet is 22'.


Charley Lewis was concerned about being able to see the metal building over the top of the fence to the edge of the parapet. Les Mangus said the rear of this property abuts residential backyards and a cedar fence.


Les said there is coordination with the Bank of America civil engineer and the retail center civil engineer for the storm sewer system location, where the pipe will run.


Randy said the retail center would be 40+ feet away from the screening wall in the rear, and that the neighbors to the rear would not see much of the metal building from the first floor of their homes. David Beaver said most people would be able to see the metal building from the rear windows of their houses. Randy said if this was a problem that they would plan for a visual distraction.


Doug Allison asked if the roof would be pre-finished. Randy Phillips said that it would be.


Charley Lewis asked Les to describe the back of the Bank of America building. Les said it would be all masonry and efis.


Charley Lewis continued her concern with any metal building being seen from any neighborhood. She suggested they return next month to the Site Plan Committee with alternatives for screening for the rear of this building. She explained that Andover is making a conscious effort to stay away from metal buildings being exposed to residential neighborhoods.


There was general discussion about plantings and façade options on this plan.


Doug Allison asked about the form of the metal awnings. Gennifer said they would slant out from the top and would be red.


Charley Lewis asked if the tenant signage on the front of the building would be backlit. Gennifer said they would be lit.


Doug Allison asked for clarification about a landscape irrigation plan. Randy said all plantings would be irrigated.


Doug Allison said there was a discrepancy in the location of the trash dumpster in the drawings that were submitted. Gennifer said it would be on the southwest corner of the property.


Charley Lewis said the plan does not show irrigation on the sides of the building, only on the front and back. Randy said there is only 2 feet of landscape between the curb and the building so the sides will not be irrigated.


Doug Allison asked if everything from the parking lot curb to the front of the building would be paved. Randy said that it would be.


David Beaver asked how water would be shed off the back of the roof. Randy stated the downspouts and guttering are shown on drawing A-1.


There was general discussion about landscaping in the rear of the building. Les said that area is already full of utility lines. Les said it is hard to approve this project without current plans being submitted in advance of this meeting.


Motion by Charley Lewis to request the applicant return to the Committee with changes offered for screening of the back exposed wall, a lighting layout, and current plans to see. The motion died for lack of a second.


David Martine asked if all items asked for on the checklist have been submitted to Les for staff review. Les said he thinks so, but some were submitted tonight and have not been reviewed yet.


There was general discussion about the committee having time to review information in advance of the meeting to be able to make an informed decision.


Charley Lewis made a motion to deny the application and request they return next month with options for screening the back wall, lighting plan, and signage plan.


David Beaver said he would add to the motion of Charley Lewis that the parapet of the rear roof be raised so that the rear homeowners are not looking at the roof of the building. Charley Lewis accepted that addition. David Martine seconded the motion. Motion carried 5/1 with Shawn King voting no.


SP-2004-01 Andover Village Retail Center, 300 block of south Andover Road

SP-2004-02 Review the Site Plan for the DEN Mechanical Contractor's Shop, located at the SE corner of Andover Rd. and Commerce Street.


Doug Allison said he and David Beaver would step down from participating in this case as his firm was working on it. Charley Lewis stepped up as Chairperson.


Matt Cartwright with Wilson Darnell Mann and Mike Greer with Eby Construction said this would be a design build project. Matt gave an overview of the plans. He said the building would be on the southeast corner of the lot and is B-6 Business District on the front facing Andover Road, and I-1 Industrial District on the east of the site.


Matt said that Poe and Associates are preparing plans for rerouting a drainage easement on the south side of the site in cooperation with the adjacent lot to the east. He said that approval for this plan must also come from Promote Andover Inc.


Matt stated this is a 25,000 square foot metal building with administrative offices in the front and a shop in the back. The building will run north/south. He said that the owner has brought in subsurface drainage even though it is not required.


Matt said an 8' chain link fence with cream color slats on the south and east is being proposed and dog-eared cedar would be on the west side. The building materials would be metal.


On the back of the building would be an 18' eve height. He said the B-6 zoning is more conducive to smaller scale businesses. Matt said that the owner might expand this business in the future to include a small retail store. Matt said he has already included trees along Andover Road in the plans as preparation for the future expansion of this building. He tried to soften the aesthetics of this building on all 4 sides.


This plan is to connect the office building with the taller shop facility, coming up to the 7'4" elevation still exposing the body color of metal and using a dark green color on the fascia panel which will project out 18".


Matt said that the lighting plan shows the parking lot lighting. Wall packs will be used during twilight hours for security only on the shop end of the building. Shoebox style parking lot lights are planned to be hunter green to match the building.


The roof color will be similar to that of the body of the building. Limestone will wrap around the office portion of the building. The owner would like to use the limestone on the future building adjacent to Andover Road.


Charley Lewis asked of the office building would face Andover Road. Matt said that it would and that the landscaping is being planned with the future expansion in mind.


Charley Lewis compared this case with Treescapes and stated it is also a metal building with fascia and appropriate landscaping. David Martine stated the front if his building was required to have screening to cover the metal on the building. He said this was to comply with the covenant with the development he is in.


Charley Lewis asked if the building as it is planned now adheres to the covenant of the Industrial Park. Matt said there are still negotiations going on about the language in the covenant.


Charley Lewis asked if there was a definite date for construction of the additional building. Matt said there is no projection.


David Martine asked how fare the fence is off of Andover Road. Matt said it is 170 feet from Andover Road to the 8' cedar fence around the shop yard.


Charley Lewis asked Charles Malcom if the covenant that PAI currently operates under, states "the portion of the exterior of any building, structure facing the public street shall have an architectural treatment of brick, stone, drywall, or other treatment acceptable to the approving agent." Charles Malcom said that is correct.


Charley Lewis said in her opinion that if this building faces Andover Road, it cannot have any metal. Bill King stated that PAI is not in agreement with this project developer. Mr. King said this same presentation was made to PAI and no agreement has been made yet.


Charley Lewis asked if there was any "guarantee" of another building being built in the future. Matt said there is not.


Les Mangus said that the approval of any agreement between the developer and PAI is not the concern of the Site Plan Review Committee.


Les said the technical requirements of this project have been satisfied.


Charley Lewis was still concerned with a metal building facing Andover Road. She thought something could be done with berms and landscaping to screen this building.


Matt said the signage for this business is not part of the application. He said the owner might choose to apply for sign approval at a later date.


David Beaver said he would abstain from voting due to a conflict of interest.


Les Mangus suggested a landscape screen adjacent to the building. He said there is an immense space between the face of the building and the fence that would be room for plantings.


There was general discussion about the options for plantings and direction of the metal building. Bill King said the restrictive covenants for this property does not allow retail business, only wholesale. There was continued general discussion.


David Martine made a motion to approve this application with the condition there will be no signage permitted at this time and to see a landscape plan that would screen the west elevation and west fence with elevation views including the fence. The motion died for lack of a second.


There was more general discussion.


Kevin Dreiling made a motion to approve this Site Plan with the exception of signage, and to include the additional landscaping along the west screening fence and the addition of at least 2 additional Riverburch trees between each of the 4 bay panels with the exception of the loading bay panel and 4 groupings of native grasses and plantings. Motion died for lack of a second.


The question was raised about conditional approval of the plan.


 Les Mangus said that some plans have previously been approved conditioned on bringing a landscape plan back to the committee, or a change of lighting, or other minimal changes.


David Martine made a motion to approve this plan with the exception of the signage, and to add plantings along the west side of the building and also shrub plantings on the west side of the fence and bring that landscape plan back to this committee next month for approval. Kevin Dreiling seconded the motion.


Jeff Bridges was concerned about staff issuing a building permit and enforcement without an approved landscaping plan.


David Martine said his goal is to allow the owner to build his building and bring back the landscape plan to the next Site Plan Review Committee meeting for approval.


There was general discussion about the qualifications for approval of the Certificate of Occupancy. Les Mangus said the Certificate would not be allowed until the site and landscape plans have been constructed and approved. Les said not even a temporary Certificate of Occupancy would be issued until these plans are approved.


Motion denied 2/2 with Shawn King and Charley Lewis voting no and Doug Allison and David Beaver abstaining.


Charley Lewis stated it is the Site Plan Review Committee's responsibility to work together with PAI in the best interest of Andover in mind. She said she wants the applicant to return to next month's meeting with the suggested changes being made.


Shawn King said it is just too much metal building to be facing Andover Road.

SP-2004-02 Review the Site Plan for the DEN Mechanical  Contractor's Shop, located at the SE corner of Andover Rd. and Commerce Street.



SP-2004-03 Review the Exterior Remodeling Plan for Equity Bank (formerly National Bank of Andover) located at 225 W. Central Ave. Jason Wenzel of Wilson, Darnell, Mann Architects, Wichita, Kansas presented the exterior remodel plans. Doug Allison stepped down as a Chairperson for the next case as his firm is contracted to work on the project.  He summarized the owner's plan for the building to upgrade the corporate image of the banking facility.


Jason said the existing building has a distressed white paint on it and the 2 entries of the bank can be defined with the sloped masonry element that transitions up the roof line. In order to define the building entry, a standing seam metal panel roof system is proposed for the lower canopies.


Jason said there is also included a silver metallic standing seam metal roof at the top square element. The lower canopies are 13.5' x 16' equals 215 square feet of addition each. The upper roof element is 225 square feet bringing the total to 655 square feet of addition.


The existing main part of the bank roof (not including the drive-up areas) is 6,724 square feet, so the addition is very minor. The only modifications to the existing roof will be made at the cricket locations behind the lower canopies to redirect snow, water, and leaf debris.


There is already illuminated signage that has been given approval for the graphic images as shown in the packets. Those will be located above the 2 entry points on the building. The existing monument sign, which is 15' to 20' tall, on Central Ave., will be updated to the new colors and logo.

Jason has suggested to the owner it would be in his best interest to sandblast the exterior of the building. Contractors have started on the south side of the building already and Jason said the coloration of the brick is looking fabulous. He said this color change is helping to tie the bank to other buildings in the area.


At the lower canopy areas, will be installed 2 metal halide recessed cans located in front of each one of the columns, for more security at the entry points of the building and to add character to the location during the evenings. The Intrust Bank and Quick Lube have the same style of roof as this, but they are green. Jason said the silver color would not fade like the red or black. This will be the signature 300 paint, which is the top of the line paint, and is warranted for 20 years against fading.


The panel space is 12" wide and 24 gauge and the narrower spacing and heavier gauge will help prevent the "oil canning" (dented look from the warping of the light gauge metal) effect that usually happens with metal buildings.


The canopies will stay in context with the existing asphalt shingles, which are at a 5-12 pitch. They will be using a batten lock system, which is a mechanically sealed system on site. The upper roof area will be about the same height as is on the Andover State Bank, which is 26 feet in height.


Shawn King asked about changes in the landscaping of the islands. Jason said that is not applied for, only the exterior of the building proper, not site.


Charley Lewis asked if the area between the brick and the roof would be painted. Jason said that it is siding and will be primer, then painted with 2 coats of "Fresh Clay" color. The ivory color will be used under the overhangs along the north and east sides of the building. The gloss black color will be used for downspouts and gutters. These colors have been chosen to tie into their existing Wichita facility on Webb Road.


David Martine asked about screening of the trash dumpster in the back. Jason said this would not be addressed at this time.


Jason has given the owner an estimate of screening the condensers in the rear of the building, but that has not been developed yet either as this application is only for exterior upgrades of the building proper.

Les Mangus asked Jason to clarify the color scheme again. Jason said the wood siding at all locations will be fresh clay color, gutters and downspouts will be black, the cream silk color will be used up inside the vaulted overhangs on the east and north sides of the building. He said the surface is siding inside there also. Jason showed samples of the brownish/gray color of the weathered wood asphalt shingles.


He said that there would be a clear coat sealer applied to the brick so that following the sandblasting procedure, moisture would be kept out the brick wall.


David Beaver suggested the gutters be painted the brick color to camouflage them.


David Martine made a motion to approve the site plan as presented. Shawn King seconded the motion. Motion carried 5/0/1 with Doug Allison abstaining.


Doug Allison resumed the position of Chairperson at 7:59 p.m.

SP-2004-03 Equity Bank (formerly National Bank of Andover) located at 225 W. Central



Member Items:

Kevin Dreiling said he did not understand Andover's fear of metal buildings. Charley Lewis said it has been a concern of the City Council and Planning Commission when so many metal buildings were being constructed in Andover. She said the goal is to create a comfortable looking city, not a metal building "palace". Charley said she does not want to send more problems back to PAI. She would rather we all work together. Kevin Dreiling said he does not agree with the applicant being turned away.


Jeff Bridges said that PAI is a public/private partnership with the City. The City of Andover is a board member and both groups are responsible to the community for decisions that are made.


David Martine would rather the projects obtain approval from PAI before applying to the Site Plan Committee.


Les Mangus said it is hard to spell out regulations that forbid metal buildings completely.


Jeff Bridges said the struggle has always been the construction of metal buildings on Andover Road. He further said PAI has made a commitment to not compete with other retailers in town and their goal is to have their land used for industrial business.


Doug Allison said he sees nothing wrong with metal buildings if they are done well with proper screening and in the proper context.

Member Items



A motion was made by Charley Lewis, seconded by David Martine, to adjourn the meeting at 8:12 p.m.  Motion carried 6/0.




Respectfully Submitted by




Deborah Carroll

Administrative Secretary


Approved this 3rd day of February 2004 by the Site Plan Review Committee, City of Andover.