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JANUARY 10, 2002



The Site Plan Review Committee met for a special meeting on January 10, 2002 at the Andover Central Park Lodge located at 1607 E. Central, Andover, Kansas. Members in attendance were Doug Allison, Larry Crouse, Charles Malcom, Gary Israel, and Charley Lewis.  Shawn King was absent.  Also in attendance were Les Mangus, Zoning Administrator, and Wilma Stoltz, Administrative Secretary.




The meeting was called to order by Chairman Doug Allison at 6:03 p.m.

Call to order



SP-2001-05 Review the Final Site Plan for the Countryside Pet Resort project at 1936 N. Andover Rd.   Brad Kempf and Rick McCafferty from Key Construction, Dave Burk, Architect, and Dr. Kevin Cederburg presented information on the project.  Dave Burk said the building would be 8000 square feet located east of the present building.  Mr. Burk also stated that the building would be metal with dryvit on the north (entrance).  Material samples were shown to the committee for the building.  The building is in a flood plain and would be elevated one foot higher than the 100-year flood elevation, which is approximately 4’ lower than the present building.  Dr. Kevin Cederburg said a new panel would be added to the existing sign with another name on it.


Larry Crouse stated that the landscaping bothers him with only straight lines.  There are Blue Chip Junipers placed next to the parking area and Austrian Pines in the current lawn area.   Mr. Burk said they would increase the landscape bed in front of the building to 8 feet and omit the Blue Chip Junipers at the NW corner of the parking area.  Larry Crouse said the Dwarf Spirea would work better.  Larry Crouse would like to see 6 to 10 more plants to make it look better.  Discussion followed as to the different types of bushes to use.   


Gary Israel asked about the trash enclosure being where it was at the end of the driveway.  Mr. Burk said the trash would be moved over to the parking area so there would be room for the garbage truck.  Dr. Cederburg said he would ask Butler County Community College about putting the trash enclosure back by their property.  Dr. Cederburg said the fence along the rear of the existing property probably would be taken out.


Doug Allison asked if the light pole on the north parking area is to stay.  Dr. Cederburg had a question regarding lights down the private drive.  Les Mangus told him that there needs to be 1-foot candle of light to light the access area.  The pole would have to stay.


Doug Allison thought the handicap area ramp seems tight against the building.  Mr. Burk told him that they would increase the landscape bed on the north side and that the ramp would be okay.  Doug Allison asked if the utilities were installed along the south side of the property.   Mr. Burk told him that they were not. 


Doug Allison had two questions on the elevations.  He asked if the entry would be 2 columns and if it would have a metal roof?  Mr. Burk stated there would be steel trellis holding up the roof.  Mr. Allison asked where the air conditioner condenser units are going to be located.  Mr. Burk stated that the mechanical would have split systems on the ground on the south side of the building.


Larry Crouse made a motion to accept the plan with the stipulation that they widen the landscape bed along the north of the building to 8 feet and that all landscaped areas be irrigated.  Charley Lewis seconded the motion.  The motion carried 5-0. 

SP-2001-05 Review the Final Site Plan for the Countryside Pet Resort project at 1936 N. Andover Rd.



Member items.  Larry Crouse told the committee that the Butler County Extension Executive Board that he is on wants to change their meeting nights to Tuesday nights instead of Thursday.  If that happens he would not be able to be on the Site Plan Committee.  He will keep in contact with Les Mangus regarding the change of meeting nights.


Charley Lewis told the Committee that the City Council appointed her to be on the Site Plan Review Committee as the City Council member.


Gary Israel mentioned that the decorative trim was not on the Hallmark store.  The trim has never showed up on the building.

Member items. 



Motion was made by Gary Israel to adjourn. Charley Lewis seconded the motion. The motion carried 5-0.




The meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.