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MARCH 7, 2002


The Site Plan Review Committee met to continue a recessed meeting from March 5, 2002 to March 7, 2002 at the Andover Central Park Lodge located at 1607 E. Central, Andover, Kansas.  Members in attendance were Doug Allison, Shawn King, Charles Malcom, Larry Crouse and Charley Lewis.  Gary Israel was absent.  Also in attendance were Les Mangus, Zoning Administrator, and Wilma Stoltz, Administrative Secretary.




The meeting was called to order by Chairman Doug Allison at 6:16 p.m.

Call to order



SP-2002-02 Review the Site Plan for the Faith Baptist Church Portable Building project at 417 W. Central.   Doug Allison stepped down as a Site Plan Review Committee member in order to present information on behalf of the applicant.  Larry Crouse was appointed chairman.  Jerry Smith the pastor of Faith Baptist Church was present.  Doug Allison explained that the portable building was brought from the school district for additional classroom space.  Doug Allison said the siding would be a cream color with the trim, base, and wainscot a darker brown.  Les Mangus asked Mr. Allison what the dimensions of the portable building were.  Mr. Allison said the building was 24 feet wide and 70 feet long.


 Charley Lewis asked if this building was going to be temporary or a permanent building.  Doug Allison said at this time no future plans have been discussed.  Charley Lewis asked what the expected life of this trailer was.  Les Mangus explained that with the new siding the trailer could last for many years.  Larry Crouse wanted to know what the trailer would be parked on.  Doug Allison said the building would be supported on concrete piers.  Larry Crouse had no issues except on the west side he would like to stagger 5 Eastern Red Cedars for a screening barrier, and also change the plant selection of Winter Gem Boxwood to Yews along the north side of the building.


Motion was made by Shawn King to approve with the condition they plant 6 Yews instead of 6 Winter Gem Boxwoods and to plant 5-6 Eastern Red Cedars on the west side.  Charles Malcom seconded the motion.  Motion carried 4-0.


SP-2002-02 Review the Site Plan for the Faith Baptist Church Portable Building project at 417 W. Central.

Larry Crouse turned the meeting back over to Chairman Doug Allison.




Member items.  Larry Crouse told the committee that the Executive Board Meetings he is on that it would not be necessary for him to be there for every meeting and possibly would only miss the Site Plan Review 2-3 times a year.

Member items



Motion was made by Larry Crouse to adjourn.  Charlie Lewis seconded the motion.  There was no discussion.  The motion carried 5-0.




The meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.