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June 5, 2001


The Site Plan Review Committee met for a regular meeting on June 5, 2001, at 6:00 p.m.  Members in attendance were Joe Freeman, Don Kimble, Charles Malcom, Doug Allison, and Larry Crouse. Shawn King and Gary Israel were absent.  Also in attendance were Jeff Bridges, City Clerk/Administrator and Pam Johnson, Administrative Secretary.




The meeting was called to order by Joe Freeman at 6:10 p.m.


Call to order.



Review of the minutes of May 1, 2001.


Motion by Charles Malcom to approve the minutes as written. Joe Freeman seconded the motion.   Motion carried 4-0.  

Review of the minutes of May 1, 2001.




Communications and staff reports:  Jeff Bridges communicated that the City Council is undertaking a survey reviewing the Site Plan Review process.  He stated this survey will be going to every applicant to the Site Plan Review and he also asked that all the Site Plan Review Committee members fill out the survey.  

Communications and staff reports: 



SP-2000-07 Review of the Site Plan for Lyon Automotive at 1304 E. U.S. Hwy 54.   Doug Allison stepped down as a Site Plan Review Committee member in order to present information on behalf of the applicant.  Mr. Allison is from the firm Wilson Darnell and Mann.  Mr. Allison stated that the applicant currently lives at this location and wishes to construct an automotive repair shop approximately 40’ x 80’.  Mr. Allison stated that the property is screened with existing trees and landscaping on the North, South and West property lines.  He stated that from the West it is difficult to even see the house. 


Mr. Allison stated that on the East is John’s Animal World, which sits closer to U.S. Hwy 54 than this project will.  Mr. Allison stated that his clients wish to build a metal building using a siding the same color that matches the stone of the existing house and screen the building with Austrian Pines on the East and Cockspur Hawthorne on the South.  Mr. Allison stated the parking will be on the South of the building.  He stated this is currently screen with existing plantings.  Mr. Allison stated there is a cedar fence proposed on the North side of the property in the future.  Chairman Freeman asked how far to the East of the proposed structure John’s Animal World is located.  Mr. Lyons stated it is over 120 feet away.


Jeff Bridges stated that Mr. Lyons has applied for and received variances for the building setbacks due to the highway setbacks required by Kansas Department of Transportation.


Chairman Freeman asked the Committee members for their comments.


Charles Malcom had no comment.


Don Kimble stated that he is not in favor of this project and not in favor of the architectural design of this project.  Mr. Kimble stated that this is not consistent with the house in an architectural vein.  He stated that this is not the design concept that this Committee has been trying to communicate to the community for the past four years.  He doesn’t believe this blends into the surrounding area. 


Larry Crouse asked about the color of the building.  Mr. Allison stated that it is cream colored and showed the Committee a paint sample.  Mr. Lyons stated that they chose the color that matched the stone on the house. 


Mr. Crouse asked if the entrance was off of McCandless.  Mr. Allison stated that the entrance is off of U.S. Hwy 54.


Charles Malcom stated that he can see where Mr. Kimble was coming from and feels that the south exterior of the proposed building should be done to match the house.


Chairman Freeman stated this looks like a massive metal box sticking out there.  Mr. Allison stated nothing could be done about the mass of the building due to the function of the building.  Chairman Freeman stated that the Austrian Pines will screen the building at maturity but that won’t happen for a long time.  He stated the Hawthorne trees won’t provide screening in the winter.


Don Kimble stated he had a couple of design solutions.  He feels there could be canopies or a covered walkway across the front of the building to 4 2’ x 2’ columns that are maybe 6’ to 8’ from the face of the building.  Perhaps on the top of the canopy there could be asphalt or wood shingles that match the house.  Mr. Kimble suggested that perhaps the front of the building could have the same stone as the house.  He suggested matching features of the side of the house to the side of the proposed building. 


Larry Crouse asked how far the property line is from the side of the building.  Mr. Allison stated it is 8’.  Mr. Crouse stated that 8’ is not much room for the Austrian Pines and stated that he feels that there is not much screening and feels triangular screening would work better but understands there is no room for that.


Mr. Kimble stated that another design idea could be that put matching stone 8’ up on the face of the building and 8’ or so around the sides of the building.  Perhaps a canopy over the door to match the roof peak and materials.


Chairman Freeman stated that it is the consensus of the Committee that something needs to be improved in the design.  He stated that the design solutions that were suggested are only suggestions but the Committee feels that there needs to be elements to tie the house and the building together.  Chairman Freeman stated that the landscaping is well thought out for this site.  Mr. Allison asked if changing the South elevation is the critical issue.  The Members of the Committee said yes. 


Mr. Lyon stated that he doesn’t feel you will be able to see the difference in the house and the proposed building because it is so far back on the property and it is very well screened when you are coming from the West.  Doug Allison asked if additional landscaping on the East wall would work.  Mr. Crouse stated there is no room for additional landscaping. 


Chairman Freeman asked for a motion from the Committee.  After receiving no motion from the Committee, Chairman Freeman made a motion to reject the proposal as presented due to the South elevation of the proposed structure.  Chairman Freeman stated that the two buildings need to be tied together better.  He stated that the lighting, rest of the issues and signage were satisfactory. Larry Crouse seconded the motion.  The motion carried 4-0.


Doug Allison rejoined the Committee.


City Council liaison to the Site Plan Review Committee, Gary Fugit arrived at 7:58 p.m.

SP-2000-07 Review of the Site Plan for Lyon Automotive at 1304 E. U.S. Hwy 54.  



Member items.


Councilman Gary Fugit apologized to the Committee for arriving late.  He wanted to let the Committee know about action that the City Council took at the last City Council meeting which was a 4-2 vote of the City Council to change the way the nominations are made to the Site Plan Review Committee.  Mr. Fugit stated that the City Council is wanting more input to the Site Plan Review Committee as they have had limited input in the Committee in the past.  He stated that each Council member and the Mayor will nominate a Committee member.  He stated that the Council feels this will be a more “balanced” Committee. 


Don Kimble stated that in the last 4 years he can count on one hand the number of times a City Council member has attended a Site Plan Review Committee meeting and perceives this as a lack of support. Mr. Kimble stated that 99% of out of town applicants are already familiar with this type of process and have no problems with it, and he feels that the vast majority of these applicants are approved the first time in front of the committee.  Mr. Kimble would like the City Council to see some backbone put into the regulations and give Mr. Mangus some authority to compel people to conform with what the Site Plan Review Committee sets forth.  He would like to see the City Council back the Site Plan Review Committee. 


There was general discussion concerning what other cities required and also prescriptive and subjective standards for site plans.

Member items.




Mr. Fugit shared a letter with the Committee members from local business men which is as follows:


August 3, 2000


Mr. Dennis L Bush, Mayor

City of Andover

909 N. Andover Road

Andover, Kansas 67002


Dear Mayor Bush:


As local businessmen who have strong vested interests in Andover it’s continued growth and prosperity, we share a common concern about city policy affecting new companies moving to Andover.  Specifically, we believe that the role and authority of the Site Plan Review Committee has expanded beyond what is necessary and acceptable.  We agree with Andover’s passion for quality and appreciate the City’s commitment to enforce high standards.  Nevertheless we believe that Andover is driving businesses away by placing unnecessary hurdles in the way of progress.  Following is a summary of our observations and concerns:


1.      Every appearance before the Site Committee is a “new day.”  There is no consistency in the requirements placed on applicants and each appearance before the committee brings new requirements. 

2.      The Committee has made applicants come back repeatedly for approval of matters that should have been handled in one meeting.

3.      Some Committee members have not done their “homework” before coming to the meetings thereby causing unnecessary delays.

4.      Temporary occupancy permits are being used as a hammer to come after the applicants “after the fact”.

5.      It is becoming too difficult to establish a business in Andover and we are acquiring a negative reputation.

6.      Committee requirements are too subjective.  There needs to be an established “standard” that the applicant can plan on. 

7.      City management does not appear to recognize the problems or has elected to hide behind the Site Plan Review Committee.

8.      One committee member plays a dominant role and seems to wield undue and disproportionate influence.

9.      Perhaps the Site Committee needs to be more “advisory” and “consultive” in nature.  Certainly there needs to be an element of accountability for their actions.

10.  A failure to recognize these negative actions will only encourage a continuation of the same unbridled authority that we are witnessing.


Not wanting to merely point out the deficiencies of our present system, we are prepared to offer suggestions to solve the problem.   We are willing to meet with you and work together to find ways that our common goals can be achieved in a “business-friendly” manner.  However, we feel strongly that the time for action is now.  We cannot afford to continue doing the things we have been doing as more and more area residents/voters are looking for goods and services in Andover rather than in Wichita. 


The businesses in Andover are being asked to support a new sales tax.  We believe it will be difficult to gather the support of local business owners for the tax until the issues mentions above have been resolved.  Again, the time for action is now.




Bill King, Jack Finlason, Kirk McConachie, Bill Ellison, Fred Deppner, Ed Sapp, Marlin Penner, Randy Doll.


Chairman Freeman stated that the Site Plan Review process is a process like the P.U.D. process.  This is an education process like that.


Don Kimble stated that this process is very easy to follow if people look at the format.  He stated that applicants are having trouble with subjective standards.


Larry Crouse stated that this letter is simply sour grapes.  He stated that poor planning on their part does not constitute an emergency on our part.


Additional member items.


Charles Malcom was concerned about the fencing at the apartments at Dillon’s.  He stated that kids from the apartments are playing in the adjoining neighborhood. 


Jeff Bridges stated that the City Council overrode the Planning Commission and approved this plan and did not require a fence around the entire parcel.  He also stated that historically Andover has never required screening between vacant land and apartments.


There was more discussion about how the Site Plan Review Committee could work with the public.


Larry Crouse asked how the process to change the Site Plan Review Committee would work.  Jeff Bridges stated that the issue will go before the June Planning Commission and they will review the changes requested by the City Council.  The Planning Commission will set a public hearing on the zoning amendment for the July Planning Commission meeting. 


Additional member items. 


Chairman Freeman read the following letter dated May 31, 2001 that he had submitted to Jeff Bridges, City Clerk/Administrator.


Dear Jeff:


As we will be moving away from the immediate Andover area in the near future, I am submitting my resignation as a member of the Site Plan Review Committee effective July 13, 2001.


It has been my pleasure and honor to be able to serve the citizens of Andover and work with the members of the Andover City Council and City of Andover staff.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve on the Site Plan Committee from its inception.  Architectural aesthetics is one of those intangible things that can profoundly affect the quality of life in a community – positively and unfortunately, in all too many instances, negatively.  The courage and foresight of the Andover City Council in establishing the committee is evident in the number of attractive buildings that have been constructed in the past several years.  Over the thirteen plus years I have lived in Andover, I can attest to the excellent and improving quality of life in our city.


To my fellow committee members and city staff, it has been a pleasure to work with each and every one of you.  I believe we have accomplished a great deal.  It has been a struggle at times, balancing the many factors that go into our decisions, but the end results have been positive and good for our community.  As the chair, I appreciate the professionalism with which each member has approached our deliberations and decisions.  Our discussions have been informative and enlightening.  I can truly say that not a single meeting has gone by that I did not learn something new.  My sincerest thanks to all of you.




Joe D. Freeman


All members of the Committee wished Mr. Freeman well and asked where he was moving.  He is moving to a new home on Santa Fe Lake Road and out of our area.  The members were sorry to hear that he was leaving.


Motion was made by Larry Crouse to adjourn.  Charles Malcom seconded the motion.  There was no discussion.  The motion carried 5-0.


The meeting adjourned at 7:58 p.m.