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Recessed meeting of August 1, 2006

August 8, 2006



The Site Plan Review Committee met for the continued meeting of August 1, 2006 on Tuesday, August 8, 2006 at the Andover Central Park Lodge located at 1607 E. Central, Andover, Kansas. Chairman Doug Allison called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. Members present were Jason Mohler, David Martine, Don Kimble, and Clark Nelson. Others in attendance were Les Mangus Director of Public Works and Community Development, Deborah Carroll Administrative Secretary, and Jeff Bridges City Clerk/Administrator. Member absent was Larry Crouse.

Call to order



SP-2004-15: Review the revised landscape plan for the Express Inn located at 222 W. US Hwy. 54. Delon Johns from Confederated Builders represented the owner to explain the “as built” landscape plan that was submitted.


From Les Mangus memo: The landscape plans for the approved Final Site Plan for the Express Inn were modified by the contractor during construction. The proposed revisions reflect the correct property line location on the east side of the building, which limits the space available for plantings, removes all of the plantings on the west side of the building, and makes some minor changes to plant quantities and locations throughout. The revised plan makes little or no attempt to break up the large east and west elevations of the building with plantings, and provides nothing more than a six foot screening fence for the adjacent residences to the west. Staff disagrees with the lack of landscaping on the west elevation because the building elevation is over 100 feet long and over 25 feet tall adjacent to residential property.


Delon Johns said the blue print is the “as built” plan which reflects several changes that were made during construction of the Express Inn. He stated the pool is being built now.


Don Kimble said he does not have concerns between the approved and the as built plans, but has documented 12-15 dead trees and shrubs due to lack of irrigation. Don stated he could not approve this plan without proper irrigation especially with the rock mulch and heavy asphalt on the site which generates extreme heat. Don asked for all dead plants to be replaced and properly irrigated.


Delon Johns said it is the owner’s responsibility to keep the plants alive once they are planted.


David Martine stated the approved plan shows all plantings will be irrigated and that has not been completed yet. He also asked for all planting materials missing from the approved plan to the as built plan to be added back in. He further said the “good neighbor” fence in the approved plan was replaced with a dog eared fence.


Delon asked for the details of the approved fence.


Delon said this fence was built without a copy of the approved site plan. He said this landscaping and fence were done “in the spirit of being landscaped”. David Martine continued to explain the number of plantings that are missing and that the fence was not constructed as approved.


Clark Nelson asked Delon for his response to the irrigation issue. Delon said he would have to verify whether this is correct. Clark Nelson said anyone working on this site should have had access to the approved plans.


David Martine continued to point out to Delon the number of missing plants on each side of the Express Inn. Delon said the existing landscape on the site is equally comparable with the previous 15- 20 projects in Andover. Delon said no one is unhappy about the plantings but the inspector. David Martine asked for the owner to comply with the approved plan.


There was continued discussion about the row of existing trees on the west side of the site. Les said those trees are not on the Express Inn property; therefore have no guarantees of remaining in place. Delon said the owner does not want trees on the west side of the building; he has a vegetable garden there. Doug Allison asked why trees were submitted on the approved plan if the owner had no intention of planting and maintaining them.


Jeff Bridges said the issues are screening of adjacent property and a non-compliant fence. Delon asked how he can obtain approval for this site if the owner refuses to plant more trees. David Martine said he cannot approve a plan without the west side screening in place and the fence in compliance with the approved plan.


Jason Mohler said sometimes changes to plans are necessary, but it appears the plans for this site have changed so much from the approved prints, he questions the spirit of the landscape plan. Delon explained the owner does not have as much property as originally thought, so the extra plantings will not fit on the site. Delon said the original landscape, grading, and site plans did not match. After the building was completed, the contractor just made adjustments to the plantings without a copy of the approved plan.


Clark Nelson told the applicant had the approved plan been complied with, this meeting would not be necessary.


Doug Allison said in the past the Site Plan Committee has been reasonable to approve alternate plans, but there are more concerns with this plan that need to be addressed. The first is the irrigation which has been determined by the City inspector as insufficient. The second issue is the fencing. Les read from the minutes of the Site Plan Review Committee of June 7, 2005, “Doug Allison asked Dave Tremble to explain the fence detail. Dave Tremble said it is a combination of a privacy and shadowbox fence with 3 sections of privacy (24’) to 2 sections of shadowbox (16’) type.” Les said the existing fence has all the boards on the building side. Doug Allison said it is the responsibility of the architect to assure compliance to his approved plans during construction. Les told Delon to get a copy of the approved plan from the architect. Les read from the approved plans, “Provide 3 sections of pickets on same side of fence for continuous run. Provide next 2 sections of fence with alternating pickets to provide shadowbox effect fence in a continuous pattern.” 


Doug Allison said the inspection has also proven the fence is not in compliance with the approved plan. Les said this owner does not own 35 feet of property on the east side of the building as originally thought, nor does he own the hedgerow on the west which means there is no guarantee the trees will stay there forever.


Don Kimble said he thinks the as built landscape plan does accomplish the intent of the approved plan. After he visited the site, he saw there was no irrigation to 3 locations in the thin island areas with numerous dead plants. He said he cannot approve the plan like this. Les explained the plants will not survive in that environment without irrigation.


David Martine made a motion to deny the amended landscape plan as presented. Don Kimble seconded the motion. Discussion continued about breaking up the west façade with trees on the west side, change out the fence and irrigate the plants.  Motion carried 5/0.

SP-2004-15: Review the revised landscape plan for the Express Inn located at 222 W. US Hwy. 54.



SP-2006-11: Review the revised grading and lighting plans for the Andover Vet Clinic located at 517 W. Central.


From Les Mangus memo: The revised grading and lighting plans for the Andover Veterinary Clinic Final Site Plan are the applicant’s response to the conditional approval given at the June meeting. The lighting plan has been revised to meet the required 1 foot-candle minimum. The revised grading plan reflects a little higher driveway approach grade, but no flood profile has been generated to determine the level of protection provided the site during a major rainfall event.


Don Kimble stepped down from the committee because he is the agent for the applicant. Jeff Cartwright from MKEC Engineering was present as the acting site Civil Engineer to answer any questions and he supplied copied of the revised site plan which included hydrology calculations.


Jeff Cartwright said this hydrology study has proven the water flows along Central and on site. He said a 100-year storm will be contained on Central and no significant flow will affect adjoining properties.


There was general discussion about the calculations. Don Kimble asked if the west driveway apron would remain as existing and the east driveway apron would be removed and replaced. Jeff Cartwright said that is correct. Les said the calculations should be top of curb, not flowline.


Jason Mohler asked if the downstream channel handle the slight addition of water. Jeff Cartwright said yes it can. Don Kimble said it is marginal protection at best.


Clark Nelson asked if the property owner is aware of these calculations. Don Kimble said yes they are. Jeff Cartwright said they have improved on the existing situation by improving the east drive.


Jason Mohler asked if this revised plan addresses all concerns. Les said yes it does.


Jason Mohler made a motion to approve the revised plan as presented. David Martine seconded the motion. Motion carried 4/0/1 with Don Kimble abstaining.

SP-2006-11: Review the revised grading and lighting plans for the Andover Vet Clinic located at 517 W. Central.




Don Kimble rejoined the committee.




Member Items:

Doug Allison – said the Site Plan Review Committee has previously tried to get the owner of the Express Inn to make some architectural changes which were not done.

Jason Mohler- no comment.

David Martine was concerned about the non-compliant attitude of the Express Inn representative tonight.

Don Kimble – said he wants the City Council to understand there is no enforcement mechanism in place for actions taken by this committee.

Les Mangus – said non-compliance issues can be sited in Municipal Court.

Jeff Bridges – said the non-compliance issues are annoyances for the city but not a priority. He also stated there is a maximum $500 per day fine for zoning regulation violations.

Larry Crouse - absent

Clark Nelson – said from a City Council position, he is impressed with the work the Site Plan Committee does and commended the members on handling the non-cooperative applicant.

Member Items



David Martine made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:50 p.m. Don Kimble seconded the motion. Motion carried 5/0.




Respectfully Submitted by



Deborah Carroll

Administrative Secretary


Approved this 5th day of September 2006 by the Site Plan Review Committee, City of Andover.