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November 7, 2006



The Site Plan Review Committee met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, November 7, 2006 at the Andover Central Park Lodge located at 1607 E. Central, Andover, Kansas. Chairman Doug Allison called the meeting to order at 6:15 p.m. Members present were David Martine, Larry Crouse, and Clark Nelson. Others in attendance were Les Mangus Director of Public Works and Community Development, Deborah Carroll Administrative Secretary, and Jeff Bridges City Clerk/Administrator. Members absent were  Jason Mohler and Don Kimble

Call to order



Review the minutes of the Site Plan Review Committee meeting of October 3, 2006.



Clark Nelson made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Doug Allison seconded the motion. Motion carried 4/0.

Review the minutes of the Oct. 3, 2006 Site Plan Review Committee.





Review the City Council minutes from the October 10, 2006 and October 24, 2006 meetings. The minutes were received and filed.


Review the minutes of the October 17, 2006 Planning Commission Meeting. The minutes were received and filed.


Review the Potential Residential Development Lot Report.




Chairman Allison asked if there were any reports from staff. Les Mangus encouraged the committee to help find someone to fill the vacancy on the board and give the information to the Mayor.




SP-2005-33: Review the revised parking lot plans for the Andover Counseling Center located at 217 Ira Court. Project Coordinator John Tasset stated this facility is a 9:a.m. to 5 p.m. operation and the required parking lot lights will never be used. He asked if the additional lights could be eliminated. Les Mangus disagreed with Mr. Tasset and said the business is open at least 1 evening per week. Mr. Tasset has submitted a lighting plan with 12’ poles.


Clark Nelson asked Les if all the requirements have now been met. Les said yes.


David Martine asked about parking lot screening. John Tasset said shrubs will be planted up to the driveway access. David asked about headlights shining into adjacent homes. John said this will not be a problem. Les agreed that headlights will not be a problem on the west side.


There was continued discussion about the existing 6’ cedar fence with Manhattan Euonymus on 4’ centers which will grow to 6’ mature height. Les explained this is a dense shrub which holds its leaves through most of the winter.


Larry Crouse said it will be 2 years before the 18” Manhattan Euonymus are mature height. John continued to state the headlights will only be an issue 1 evening per week. General discussion continued.


Clark Nelson made a motion to approve the revised site plan as presented with the satisfaction of staff comments. Larry Crouse seconded the motion. Motion carried 4/0.  

SP-2005-33: Review the revised site plans for the Andover Counseling Center parking lot plans located at 217 Ira Ct.



SP-2006-21: Review the site plans for the Auto Storage Building located at Market & Main. Co-owners Mike Morgan and Chris Hamman and Architect Randall Steiner presented the plans. They stated Jeff Seagal is the 3rd owner of this building.


David Martine asked to see the material board. Randall Steiner said this will be a metal building that will look similar in material and brown/tan colors to the 3 existing buildings in the immediate area.


Larry Crouse asked if the only planting selection around this building is Boxwood.  Randall Steiner said some Autumn Maple trees would also be planted. Larry Crouse complained the landscape plan presented is grossly inadequate and needed more plantings for his approval. The applicants said they will do anything necessary to comply with the regulations and guarantee this property will be kept tidy at all times. General discussion continued about the proposed landscape plan and options to improve it.


David Martine asked if there was a bar ditch on this property and if there was enough room for a landscaping berm. Consensus of the committee was there is not enough space.


David Martine made a motion to approve this plan with the exception of the Chinese Pistash trees are minimum 2”, 3 Boxwood shrubs to be added at the 3 panels between the garage doors. There was discussion to consider keeping the area open without plants to allow for car traffic. The applicants said they desired asphalt all the way up to the garage doors.


Les Mangus asked if the lighting was necessary on the north and east sides of the building. Randal Steiner said this building will store very expensive cars and they want the additional lighting for security. Les suggested using soffit lighting instead. There was discussion about shoebox lights that are down shaded. Randal said the west is the only side with a soffit.


David Martine amended his motion to down shade the lights on the east and north sides. Discussion continued.


Doug Allison asked about the grading on the site. He asked if it was appropriate to pool water on the property line. Les said some swales have been designed to carry the water on the east side of the building around to the north and out to the west.


Larry Crouse insisted on landscaping between the garage doors on the west and north end of the building. Les asked if the landscaping would be better served if it was out on the street right-of-way. Larry agreed. General discussion continued.


Doug Allison stated some other buildings in this area have incorporated some brick in their exterior design. There was general discussion about breaking up the west elevation with some brick or by using different color wains cot. The applicants said the builder’s intention was to maintain as much uniformity on the block as possible and they do not want to spend more money on the construction site. General discussion continued about possible exterior colors and materials.  


David Martine made an amended  motion to approve the plan with increasing the size of the Pistash trees to 2”, planting 2 landscape beds on the west side of the building between the Autumn Blaze Maple trees, deleting the Boxwood shrubs around the building and the landscape plan is to be approved by staff, and shadowbox the lights on the east and north sides. Clark Nelson seconded the motion. Motion carried 4/0.


David Martine complimented the applicants on their presentation as first time applicants. He said they did a nice job.

SP-2006-21: Review the site plans for the Auto Storage Building located at Market & Main.



Member Items: none

Member Items



David Martine made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:52 p.m. Clark Nelson seconded the motion. Motion carried 4/0.




Respectfully Submitted by



Deborah Carroll

Administrative Secretary


Approved this 5th day of December 2006 by the Site Plan Review Committee, City of Andover.