Why are building codes important?
Building Codes were put in place by government in reaction to citizen demand. This demand arose from a number of building disasters which have occurred over the years. The codes are “prescriptive” in that they provide written instructions for safe building construction. This eliminates the need for engineering and architectural fees for home construction. The prescriptive design standards account for earthquake damage, wind loads, snow loads, climate and soil factors. The code standards also provide for protection against decay and provide minimum standards for human habitation. For additional information, see below. International Code Council (ICC)

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1. Why are building codes important?
2. What is the process for obtaining a permit for commercial, industrial, institutional or multifamily construction?
3. Where can I obtain a plot plan?
4. What forms are available for download?
5. What are the current codes which are applicable to construction work performed in Andover?
6. What should I consider when hiring a Contractor to do work on my property?
7. What are the consequences of not complying with code requirements?
8. Is there anything I should specifically look for in homes built before current codes were enacted?
9. What are the concerns and process associated with building a residential deck?
10. Is a permit required for roof replacements?
11. If a house has foundation or settlement problems, what are the concerns and procedures to remedy the problems?
12. When is a Contractor’s license required for a Contractor to perform work for a property owner or tenant?
13. How does a Contractor licensed in Andover access the Andover Permit and Inspection tracking software, MyGov?