What does "reverse 911" hybrid mean?
First, Reverse 911™ is a brand name. Similar to "Google" it has been used generally, but it is a specific product name. In the original "reverse 911" system, a 911 Central used the registrations of home land-lines to reverse call from the 911 center to the homes. Today, less than 50% of households have traditional land-lines. Cell phone and Voice over IP phones are not available for a 911 center to use. Therefore, Andover has chosen to use Everbridge, and we populated our database with a commercially available "white pages" listing. While this is far from complete, it is a starting point. We combine that with an "opt-in" portal that allows citizens and businesses to register any number and/or address they wish to receive our Alerts.

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2. What does "reverse 911" hybrid mean?
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