How do I get a Protection from Abuse (PFA) or a Protection from Stalking (PFS) order?
The protection from abuse process is designed to provide quick and immediate protection, however, certain requirements must be met before a PFA or PFS can be issued. You may seek a PFA or PFS for yourself, for yourself and your minor children or for only your minor children if:
1. Each person for whom protection is sought is in, or has been in, an “intimate partner or household member” relationship with the defendant.
2. Each person needing protection has been abused, attempted to be abused or threatened.
3. You are willing to testify to the allegations in an open court.
The process for obtaining a PFA or PFS can be overwhelming and intimidating. We encourage those who feel they qualify for a PFA or PFS to contact a Victim Advocate at the Family Life Center Safe House of Butler County by calling 316-321-7104 before seeking a PFA or PFS on their own. The Victim Advocate will walk you through the process and assist you with obtaining a PFA or PFS.

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