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  1. Fire Survey
  3. Fire Department Satisfaction Survey
    Andover Fire Rescue is committed to providing high quality customer service. Please take a few moments to rate your service experience.
  4. Prior to your most recent contact with Andover Fire Rescue, have you had any previous contact with this department?
  5. Considering this most recent contact, please rate Andover Fire Rescue in the following areas:
  6. Fire Fighter's Appearance
  7. Fire Fighter's Professional Conduct
  8. Fire Fighter's Concern (Compassion)
  9. Fire Fighter's Ability to Put You at Ease
  10. Fire Fighter's Knowledge
  11. Fire Fighter's Response Time (if applicable)
  12. Fire Fighter's Helpfulness
  13. Please check all that apply
  14. Would you like to leave any additional comments?
  15. Would you like to be contacted?
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