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Alert Andover Communications Test

  1. Alert Andover Test
    After reviewing the PDF file for Alert Andover, please complete this test. When completed, the results will be emailed to Bill Duggan
  2. How many types of Citizen Alerts are available?
  3. Alert Andover is only for Emergency alerting, such as a Reverse 911 type system.
  4. Which of the following would NOT be considered an Emergency Alert?
  5. In order to select the entire city/district for an Alert, after bringing up the shape library and choosing "Andover - All Inclusive", you must click which button?
  6. ALWAYS check the Residential and Business boxes under "Review Contacts" when sending any Alert.
  7. You may only select pre-drawn shapes to select notification areas.
  8. Citizen Alert and Employee Alert are exactly the same.
  9. Messages have a ___ character limit.
  10. The best option for phone messages is:
  11. Once you send an Alert, it is not possible to cancel it.
  12. An Emergency Alert may be scheduled for later delivery.
  13. There is no way to determine who actually received an Alert once it has been sent.
  14. If a citizen or business needs assistance or have questions, just refer them to
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